what are they for, spy and when to use them

What are the differences between position lights and daytime running lights, when are they used and what is their purpose? The position lights are used to indicate the position of a parked car in areas with poor visibility, and are placed both on the front and on the rear (unlike the dipped beams, which are … Read more

Kiwie NFT in New York, spy tool and e-scooter restrictions in Sweden. Technology News / Article

1. Kiwie creates NFT street art collection in New York The collective of Latvian street artists “Kiwie” has released their seventh NFT collection, which consists of seven newly created works of art in New York, USA. Similar to the previous collections, this NFT collection is closely related to the drawings in the real world – … Read more

They killed the leader of al-Qaeda in a manner suitable for a spy novel

For months, the CIA monitored Ayman al-Zawahiri’s daily routine. Although he never left his house, he sat out on the balcony every day to read, when the drone attack hit him. Joe Biden US President announced on Monday that the leader of the Islamist al-Qaeda terrorist organization was liquidated. Ajmán al-Zavahíri he has been one … Read more

Love Live! crushes SPY x FAMILY in Blu-ray sales — Kudasai

The Japanese portal Oricon News published the sales ranking of the first physical packages of the series released during the season of Spring-2022 (April-June) in Japan. The list showed some results that the most knowledgeable already expected, but that perhaps greatly surprised the less knowledgeable. After all, if most people were asked what was the … Read more

These are the favorite episodes of the SPY x FAMILY production — Kudasai

The team of Crunchyroll interviewed animation producers Kazue Hayashi y Kazuki YamanakaBoth of WIT Studiowho commented on interesting details about the production of the anime adaptation of SPY x FAMILY. Generally, anime productions have only one animation producer, but this project had a total of three: two of WIT Studio and one of CloverWorksalthough the … Read more

SPY x FAMILY already dominates in popularity in China — Kudasai

In a popular commentary forum in Japan, the popularity ranking of the Chinese streaming platform was shared, Bilibilirevealing that the anime adaptation of the manga SPY x FAMILY is dominating in the first position with a wide difference. The production is listed with 370 million reproductions, a number that is equivalent to 370 million cumulative … Read more