Itinerants in Guertin: back to square one after an incredible day | News | The right

PBecause this hope, nourished by Brigil’s proposal to use his building at 217 rue Montcalm as an emergency accommodation center, was practically reduced to nothing, Thursday, at the start of the day. In the previous hours, businessman Gilles Desjardins had informed the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSSO), involved for days in an … Read more

Gameplay Outriders: Square Enix unveils the Technomage class

Gameplay Outriders: Square Enix unveils the Technomage class Square Enix nopus had made an appointment this evening to discover the third Transmission dedicated to Outriders, its cooperative shooter. This transmission notably enabled People Can Fly to unveil a new class, the Technomage. The latter comes to life in a new eight-minute co-op gameplay video, during … Read more

Many thousands of protesters gather abroad in Minsk’s Independence Square

According to the opposition website “Hartija 97”, the number of participants in the rally has reached 20 thousand. Pavil Juhhnevich, an activist of the civic campaign “European Belarus”, spoke at the rally, calling for the protests to continue until victory. “We are in a situation where we and the former president [Lukašenko] we understand – … Read more

A large – scale photo exhibition dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the restoration of Latvia ‘s independence has been opened in Freedom Square Press release

August 20, 2020 The information was prepared by Dace Vizule, Public Relations Specialist of the Ministry of Culture. On Thursday, August 20, in Brīvības Square, Riga, an exhibition of large-format photographs dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Declaration “On the Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Latvia” was opened. The exhibition presents … Read more

Woman (79) has to move because her house is eleven square meters bigger than allowed | Inland

Heidi (l) and her daughter Marcia van Duren Watak in the hall of her house, which according to the municipality is too big. Ⓒ Ella Tilgenkamp Zaanstad – Heidi Van Duren Watak (79) from Koog aan de Zaan has to have part of her house demolished by the municipality of Zaanstad. There was a temporary … Read more

PHOTO: Thousands of Lukashenko’s opponents rally in Independence Square in Minsk

According to journalists of the portal “”, about 10,000 people attended the rally. Rallies have also expressed support for the striking employees of state-owned enterprises. After the rally, the people were calmly dispersed, no one was detained. Protests against Lukashenko also took place in other Belarusian cities on Tuesday night. Protests against the falsification of … Read more

Hundreds in the square against the masks in Madrid. Miguel Bosé supports the protest

FOREIGN With the cry of “Freedom!”, Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against the mandatory use of masks and other restrictions imposed to contain the coronavirus pandemic. A crowd gathered in the center of the capital. The protest was also supported, with a Twitter video message, by Miguel Bosé

LIVE: Prayers and inscriptions such as ‘Prague is not the Vatican’. Duka blessed the Marian column in the Old Town Square Home

Prague On Saturday, supporters and opponents of the Marian Column met in the Old Town Square, the imitation of which returned to the historical center of Prague after 102 years. Hundreds of people have been here since the morning, some in national costumes. Most took part in the prayer, others, under the supervision of the … Read more

Supporters and opponents of the Marian Column gathered in the Old Town Square

Proponents of the restoration consider the work to be a symbol and memory of the defenders of Prague during the Thirty Years’ War and an important Baroque work. Opponents of the return of the column say it is a symbol of Habsburg domination and intolerant re-Catholicization of the country. “It’s a good opportunity to hear … Read more

It is already being tested directly on Wenceslas Square

The management of Prague, which has found a non-residential space for the new location, is concerned about a possible second wave of coronavirus. According to the mayor’s deputy Petr Hlubuček (STAN), who himself suffered from the disease, sampling points are planned in five parts of Prague. “It is a natural reaction to the increase in … Read more