They lured a man to the door of his house to stab him to death

27 May 2023 at 22:13 Victim and neighbors occupied vacant houses in Almada and maintained a conflict that ended with an ambush. Tiago Gonçalves, 24, was at home on Friday night and was attracted to the street by two neighbors who, like him, were occupying abandoned houses in Sobreda da Caparica, on the outskirts of … Read more

Real Madrid players and fans stab Vinicius Jr. heart under the belt in narrow victory: ‘Racists out of football!’ | Foreign Football

He was missing due to a minor knee injury, but Vinicius Jr. (22) was the big man in Real Madrid – Rayo Vallecano (2-1). After the racism storm of Sunday in Valencia, the Royal expressed its support for the Brazilian striker. Another Brazilian, Rodrygo, gave Real the victory. Thibaut Courtois was between the posts for … Read more

“He did not want me to relieve his wife, the situation degenerated”

It was around 6:45 p.m. when Xavier heard cries of distress, a few houses away from his. “I was smoking a cigarette when I heard screams. When I went to see, it was a neighbor of a few houses, relatively old, who was on the ground, in her yard. I rushed to help her, but … Read more

Torremaggiore murders, the fury of Taulant Malaj on the bodies of his daughter and the bartender. The autopsy: “Almost 30 stab wounds all on the chest”

23 stab wounds to Massimo De Santis, six to 16-year-old Jessica Malaj. All to the chest. This is the result of the autopsy performed today on the bodies of the 51-year-old bartender and the girl killed on May 7 in Torremaggiore, in the province of Foggia. To have confessed to the double murder is Taulant … Read more

Seconds of Former PSM Makassar Player Stab Security at Karaoke Place

Saturday, May 6 2023 – 18:56 WIB VIVA Kriminal – The police arrested a man who was a former PSM Makassar player, namely Achmad Hisyam Tolle. He was arrested in connection with the alleged assault case. The victim was a security guard at a karaoke place in Makassar City, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi). The victim … Read more

Man assaults student in Ghent: ‘You’re lucky I didn’t stab you’ | Miscellaneous facts

Kylie Le Roy was waiting for the tram to take her to school on Thursday morning when a man in his fifties approached her. “He was holding a coke bottle filled with water and suddenly spilled it on me. I was so in shock that I could barely move. He then said to me, ‘you’re … Read more

The perpetrator of the massacre in Duisburg still eludes the police, the victims are fighting for their lives

“According to the current state of the investigation, the perpetrator injured four people, apparently with a slashing or stabbing weapon,” the police announced. In this context, the media mentions a long knife or a machete. “The investigation has the highest priority,” she said spokesman. Witness interviews are scheduled for Wednesday. Due to their medical condition, … Read more

Honda CR-V Body Peeled Off on the Semarang-Solo Toll Road, 3 Lives Passed by a Stab of a Truck

Honda CR-V punctured a truck on the Semarang-Solo toll road, three people died (Ferdian – ) – Unfortunately, three people in the Honda CR-V died on the Semarang-Solo toll road. The Honda CR-V stabbed a box truck on the Semarang-Solo Toll Road (15/4/2023). The incident started when an Isuzu box truck drove from the … Read more

a stab against a headbutt

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