The secret behind ads around sports stadiums

You may love soccer, but you must have watched a match, whether for soccer or for other sports like tennis and basketball. Every time you watch these matches on TV, you wonder the secret behind the ads around the sports stadiums. Ask yourself how to control these ads and how not to be influenced by … Read more

From Stadiums to Vaccines, Here are Vietnamese Media Accusations of Indonesia’s Preparation to Host Several Events

SPECIAL/Tribun JATIM Gelora Delta Stadium, Sidoarjo BOLASPORT.COM – Media from Vietnam again mentions the Indonesian football federation PSSI difficult for the national team. For information, Indonesia will host a number of international events in 2022. This year there will be AFF U-19 Cup, AFF U-16 CupAFF U-18 Women’s Cup, U-17 Asian Cup Qualification, and U-20 … Read more

Neymar confirms his desire to stay in Paris Saint-Germain stadiums | zad jordan news

zad jordan news – Brazilian Neymar is a superstar Paris French Saint-Germain said, Saturday in Tokyo, that he wants to stay in the “Park of the Princes” this season, despite constant speculation about his future. “I always want to stay at the club. But I don’t know what their plans are for me,” Neymar said … Read more

In France’s stadiums, another “Messi” occupies the French!

He joined the French second division some time ago, the Vietnam national team player, Nguyen Quang, who is known in his country as “Vietnam Messi”. Since his arrival, Quang has occupied the French, and gained the attention of their press, so who is the “Vietnam Messi”? Great skill for “Vietnam Messi” Since the star of … Read more

Sadio Mane Renovates His Village in Senegal: Build Stadiums, Hospitals, Schools, Gas Stations, 4G Internet, to Support Residents

Another form of Sadio Mane’s contribution to Bambali is to provide each family with 70 euros (Rp1 million) per month, providing 4G internet network, giving away laptops and 400 USD (Rp5.9 million) for outstanding students. Africa Facts Zone said Bambali Village has a population of 2 thousand people. Sadio Mane is reportedly also building a … Read more

10 Largest Stadiums in the World Based on Audience Capacity, Number 1 Not on the European Continent : Okezone Bola

10 Stadium largest in the world based on audience capacity will be discussed in this article. The stadium itself is a place used to watch a sporting event or concert. Each country usually has one of the largest stadiums. The size of the stadium is usually measured by the capacity of the audience that can … Read more

Final works at Darius and Girėnas stadiums

2022-06-17 14:22 © Kaunas municipality photo. Kaunas will have a stadium that meets international standards in the near future. Final works have started at Darius and Girėnas stadiums – Swiss specialists are strengthening the hybrid lawn. The report of Kaunas municipality adds that after the strengthening of the lawn there will be works on the … Read more

Haider considers the modern league system to be the best and reveals the plan to revive the stadiums | sports

Engineer Hashem Haidar, head of the Lebanese Football Association, considered that the new league championship system was adopted after the union saw that it is one of the best systems, and there is full conviction in it, as it will enhance serious competition, prevent the possibility of any recklessness, and will keep the competition in … Read more

Last, the redemption and the tour in the sold out stadiums: “There are those who thought I was finished, but today I sing again with my fans. It’s my best answer “

A glass of wine – in the middle of the concert – to toast to his fans who have supported him and continue to do so despite an absence of two and a half years. Like this Last opened the dance of his tour in the stadiums last night, with the zero date at the … Read more

Air-conditioned stadiums and lawns watered with drinking water: here are the stadiums where the Red Devils will play at the World Cup (video)

The World Cup stadiums in Qatar are already ready. The kick-off takes place in 6 months (from November 21 to December 18). Our team of special envoys to Doha, Laxmi Lota and Thomas Kinetwas able to visit those where the Red Devils will play. The Red Devils are part of group F with Canada, Morocco … Read more