Boushekian circulated to factory owners to abide by good manufacturing standards, specifications and public safety

Minister of Industry George Boushekian issued a circular bearing No. 39/1 asking “industrialists to adhere to good manufacturing standards, respect public safety conditions and apply specifications, especially those related to food safety,” declaring that “the ministry’s teams will intensify their visits to factories to ensure the implementation of its directives.” The following is the text … Read more

Linda Evangelista’s cosmetic procedure and impossible standards of beauty

If I had cheekbones, everything would be fine. That’s what I used to tell myself when I was a teenager, anxiously thinking about my future. For many years, I thought more about my lack of cheekbones than about my academic or professional success. Like many women my age, I fetishized angular, thin faces with large … Read more

UN: US violates international standards with expulsion of Haitians

The UN affirmed today that the United States is violating international norms with the massive expulsion of Haitians who in recent days crossed the border by thousands from Mexico and are now camping under an international bridge in the town of Del Río, located in the south of Texas and border with Ciudad Acuña, on … Read more

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry set new standards in terms of unpopularity

The only question that arises is whether Harry and Meghan even care what the British think of them. After all, they only emigrated to California last year in order to lead an independent and self-sufficient life – they shouldn’t care what is thought of them in distant Britain.

The FGTB issues an ultimatum: “If we do not change the law on wage standards, we will not negotiate the next inter-professional agreement”

If the law on wage regulation is not reviewed, the FGTB will not sit at the negotiating table to fix the employer-union agreement for 2023-2024. Thierry Bodson was the political guest of Bel RTL this Tuesday morning. The president of the FGTB answered questions from Fabrice Grosfilley. While an employment conference is being organized today … Read more

Windows 11 compatibility standards come and go “Sometimes it doesn’t work…”

Confusion continues over the issue of compatibility with Windows 11, a new operating system that Microsoft will release after the end of this year. In June, Microsoft explained that it was impossible to upgrade to Windows 11 for PC processors released before or after 2017. However, recently, Intel Core X and Xeon processors released in … Read more

Referee Department reacts to Standard’s disputed goal against Ostend (video)

Posted on Monday, August 23, 2021 at 6:37 p.m. Through Alexandre Cuitte The rose planted by Selim Amallah in Guillaume Hubert’s cages last Friday has not finished causing controversy … Offside or not? If you ran into any Belgian football fan this weekend, this is certainly the question they must have asked you. This question … Read more

Biden announces new standards and bets on electric cars

This is how the US seeks to boost electric cars by 2030 0:56 (CNN) — President Joe Biden on Thursday revealed another component of his administration’s plan to combat climate crisis: set as new objective that half of the vehicles sold in the country by 2030 will be battery electric, fuel cell electric or plug-in … Read more

Launching the National Energy and Water Demand Management Program in accordance with international standards

The largest of its kind in the country– Suhail Al Mazrouei: The UAE is a global leader in promoting artificial intelligence technology in shaping the future of the energy and water sectors.– Maryam Al Muhairi: The UAE has an integrated system that supports the enhancement of water security and the sustainability of the availability of … Read more