There are no fears of sanctions on the agreements with Jordan and Egypt

Gulf Dot: The United States has told Lebanon that it should have no concerns about US sanctions law regarding plans to receive energy supplies from countries in the region, according to the office of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Friday. A statement from the Prime Minister’s office stated that the US Ambassador to Lebanon, … Read more

Princess Delphine after being eliminated in ‘Dancing with the stars’: “Had felt it coming”

Viewers at home decided on Saturday that Princess Delphine was the loser in Dancing with the stars. So next week she will no longer dance with her partner Sander in the Play 4 program. “But I had sensed it coming,” she tells our journalist afterwards. “The other candidates dance like professionals, I feel like a … Read more

Denmark will provide € 22 million in aid to Ukraine, seeing the population affected by the conflict with Russia

The assistance is aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s resistance and its capacity to deal with the consequences of the protracted armed conflict in the east of the country. The decision to help was made after the visit of the Danish Foreign Minister Jepes Kofod to the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine, where government soldiers … Read more

This is how BVs experienced the fourth live show of ‘Dancing with the stars’: “What a beastly feeling”

After last week’s live show was canceled due to various corona infections, the BVs threw themselves extra on Saturday. Dancing with the stars. The theme was friends & family: everyone could bring one person close to their heart to dance together. And the candidates thought that was fantastic. .

Rain of stars to celebrate the new “uniform” Prada

Pure elegance and a slew of Hollywood actors as models: iconic designer Miuccia Prada has struck a chord with her new men’s fall-winter 2022-2023 collection that celebrates classic chic while breaking dress codes. They were ten stars to parade Sunday, sometimes hesitantly, on the ocher carpet of a huge hall of the Prada Foundation in … Read more

We are passing through a huge gas bubble on the surface of which stars are forming

Our Solar System is navigating through a particularly empty region of space. Surrounded by a local bubble, as astronomers call it. And today, they tell us how this bubble was formed. Following the explosion of several supernovae. For decades, the astronomers know that it exists around our solar system, like a gigantic bubble. A “local … Read more

Maxwell, a convicted sex smuggler, will be sentenced in June

“The court hereby imposes a sentence on this matter on June 28, 2022, at 11:00 a.m.,” said a court document signed by New York District Judge Alison Neitan. This is what the court saw: the intimate friendly relationship between Epstein and Maxwell +11 Watch more Gylein, the daughter of the late British press magnate Robert … Read more

3 newly discovered planets may be swallowed by their stars.. know the details

Astronomers at the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy (IfA) have discovered three exoplanets Similar to Jupiter, it is perilously close to being “swallowed up” by its host stars, and the discovery gives new insight into how planetary systems evolve over time, helping to reveal the fate of solar systems like ours. According to the … Read more

“Johnson must lead or step aside” – pressure on British Prime Minister on new Downing Street charges

Johnson must “lead or step aside,” former Conservative minister Tobias Elwood told the BBC. “We need leadership.” The remarks made by the chairman of the House of Representatives’ Defense Committee came at a time when new testimony had appeared in the media about “Wine Friday” gatherings on Downing Street, despite restrictions in place in the … Read more

This is the form of the apocalypse that occurs in stars, scientists call it a supernova

PRIANGAN ZONE – Scientists recently stood witnessing a series of cosmic catastrophes – the end of the life cycle of a Star. For the first time in human history, doomsday a Star (known as supernova) was witnessed by scientists. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University California got a special ticket to watch supernova the. … Read more