The United States and Russia Insist on Each Other, The Gate of Direct Confrontation Is Now Wide Open

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden shake hands at Villa la Grange in Geneva, Switzerland in Geneva, Switzerland, June 16, 2021. Russia, the United States and their NATO allies meet this week for negotiations focused on Moscow’s demand for Western security guarantees and concerns West about the recent buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine. (Source: AP … Read more

Expectations are the strangest on the face of the earth.. This is what will happen in the Gulf states after several days?.. You will not believe the predictions of astronomer Michel Hayek, who made his head turn gray?

2022/01/15 It’s 04:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The pioneers of the communication sites republished and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast broadcast by the Lebanese channel MTV about the predictions for the year 2022 and what will happen in a few days. Hayek saw “a retreat and retreat … Read more

Crisis in Ukraine, were the talks between the United States and Russia a flop? –

from Paolo Valentino The parties speak of a “dead end”, but the very fact that they had a dialogue is a success FROM THE CORRESPONDING BERLIN – Mosca will not wait too long for Western counter-proposals to its security demands. At the end of a week of interviews between Russia, the United States, NATO and … Read more

Senator Renzi chooses whether to belong to the Parliament of the Italian Republic or to bodies of other states

“Dear President, the right and duty to impose on Senator Matteo Renzi the choice between belonging to the Senate itself or to promotional bodies of other states to which, by your admission, also belongs, is incumbent upon the Senate that you preside over”. Thus begins the open letter to President Casellati – whose text is … Read more

The Supreme Court of the United States has blocked the provision on the vaccination obligation for workers of large companies wanted by Joe Biden

The Supreme Court of the United States it blocked the provision on the obligation to vaccinate against the coronavirus for workers of large private companies wanted by the administration of Joe Biden. The measure it was announced last September and required all workers in private companies with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated or … Read more

Russia, Ukraine | United States: Russia plans to attack itself

The United States has reports indicating that Russia is planning an attack on itself to justify an invasion of eastern Ukraine, writes CNN and Reuters. The media writes that the Russians’ plan is to use explosives in sabotage operations against themselves, a so-called “false flag” operation. The information comes from a source who has talked … Read more

What was Russia thinking? The United States promises to present its “scenario” on Ukraine

no breakthrough completed the third round of diplomatic talks between NATO and Russia at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Vienna. Poland, which chaired the meeting, said that Europe was in danger of war. And the White House national security adviser even promised that USA in the next few days they will … Read more

A day after talks with Moscow, the United States, ready with sanctions, strikes Putin in person for the first time

A sniper from the Russian armed forces is taking part in military exercises at a training ground in the Rostov region, adjacent to Ukraine’s western border. PHOTO: Reuters Russia warns Americans are about to “cross the border” For the first time, Vladimir Putin may be personally sanctioned by the United States. His name appears on … Read more

Unusual | United States: police prefer to hunt Pokémon rather than thieves

Two Los Angeles police officers who would rather hunt Pokémon than hunt thieves have been fired. Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were patrolling the streets of the city in April 2017 in search of these fantastic creatures using the famous augmented reality game installed on their phones. When co-workers made a call for reinforcements regarding … Read more

A separate section of the US draft law on sanctions against Russia is dedicated to the Baltic States

The bill on the response to the possible repeated Russian invasion of Ukraine, unveiled on Wednesday by US Senators representing the Democratic Party, includes a separate section on security issues in the Baltic states. The document emphasizes that strengthening the security of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is in the interests of US national security. The … Read more