The supermarket reaches the Metro stations

As part of the transformation process that has been promoting Walmart Chile to meet the needs of the new omnichannel customer, the company launched “Step Leader“. This new format seeks to extend the supermarket experience beyond physical stores. This will be achieved through vending machines located in places with an important pedestrian flow like the … Read more

” A sudden change in pressure in all our weather stations ”, the wave of the eruption in the Pacific has also arrived in the Triveneto

TRENTO. ”Last night At around 8.45 pm we recorded a sudden pressure change in all our 45 weather stations in our network in a few tens of minutes. An increase of 2 millibars and a the same drop within half an hour. The reports they have arrived from all over the world since the afternoonor … Read more

A recipe for Comet? We manage to defend its power stations, claims the Vítkovice striker Krenželok

“Why are we doing this against Brno? We manage to defend their power playings, “says the author of the differential fourth shot of Vítkovice, Lukáš Krenželok, who also increased it to 3: 1 before the second break. However, the comet managed to erase the shortfall. “The important thing was that we soon bounced back by … Read more

Mercedes is in danger of fire. Hundreds of thousands of models have to go to service stations

The premium manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is currently solving the problem of hundreds of thousands of its vehicles across various model lines. Due to the possibility of a leak in the coolant pump, there is a risk of fire in extreme cases and thus endangering the crew. The parts, which have the described problem to solve, but … Read more

Stacks! In these Metro stations there are vaccines available

Although many citizens postponed their vaccination appointment to prioritize the New Year’s festivities, walks and others, for others it is the opportunity to find Vaccination points emptier and with good availability of vaccines. The Metro arranged for this Sunday three vaccination points in busy stations for those who want to hit the pass and be … Read more

The price of cars is rising and it is expensive in service stations. Change for the better could come in two years

Photo: Škoda The automotive industry is currently going through a difficult period, which does not seem to be nearing the end. The shortage of semiconductors on the market and other problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic have forced many automakers to reduce or even shut down. Vehicle production thus recorded a record decline not only … Read more

Gas stations in Surabaya must close at 21.00 on New Year’s Eve

All gas stations in Surabaya on December 31, 2021, will end their activities until the deadline at 21.00 WIB and can reopen on January 1, 2022 at 04.00 WIB. This is the appeal of the Surabaya City Government in a Circular (SE) to all leaders/managers of public fuel filling stations (SPBU) on 27 December 2021. … Read more

A type of gasoline that you should never buy..a scandal affects stations in Lebanon

A type of gasoline that you should never buy..a scandal affects stations in Lebanon Source : Lebanon 24 <!– عدد المشاهدات : 6358 –> date of publication : 27 Dec 2021 A type of gasoline that you should never buy..a scandal affects stations in Lebanon Source : Lebanon 24 <!– عدد المشاهدات : 6358 –> … Read more