“Russians must stay and fight against Putin.” Lithuania will not grant asylum to Russian citizens fleeing mobilization

The Russians are leaving the country 9:25 a.m. on September 24, 2022 Lithuania has officially announced that it will not grant asylum to Russian citizens who are fleeing abroad from the mobilization announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. “Lithuania will not grant asylum to those who simply run away from responsibility. The Russians … Read more

The packed lineup of the Brazilian national team, but not everyone can get to it. Which stars will stay on the bench?

Source: Depositphotos Real Madrid has many legends in its club history, but one of them stands out very high. Raúl González Blanco was a scorer, a leader and a beloved captain, but at the same time he was a great person and set an example for younger footballers with his exemplary behavior. One of the … Read more

Formula 1 | Hamilton wants to stay in F1 for a long time to find success

Lewis Hamilton is having his toughest season in Formula 1 this year, with still no wins since the first Grand Prix. The Mercedes F1 driver recognizes that for a top athlete, suffering failure is something difficult to manage. “With great difficulty” admet Hamilton. “As athletes we are super determined, we don’t like to lose, we … Read more

A private plane and a “room” for Suarez..disclosure of Messi’s requests to stay in Barcelona

Media reports revealed the conditions of Argentine Lionel Messi, the current Paris Saint-Germain player and the former Barcelona player, to renew his contract with the Spanish team in 2020, noting that he requested a special place for his family and Suarez’s family at the Camp Nou in addition to a private plane for him during … Read more

Poor sleep schedule is at risk for diabetes & heart disease, be careful who likes to stay up late

INDOZONE.ID – Sleeping late is more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who go to bed early, a new study has found. Meanwhile, getting up early can help prevent heart disease, scientists in the United States have found. People who sleep late are claimed to be less active during the day and worse … Read more

Samah Anwar responds to critics of her words about water: I stay crazy

Over the past few days, the Egyptian public opinion has been buzzing with strange statements by the artist Samah Anwar After talking about not drinking water for 17 years, what exposed her to widespread criticism from the public and some doctors alike. However, she returned and clarified in an interview with the “Kalam al-Nas” program … Read more

Valery Polyakov, the record holder for the duration of a person’s stay in space, has died

“Roscosmos regretfully announces the death of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Russia, Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, holder of the world record for the longest flight into space (437 days) Valery Polyakov,” reads the agency statement. Two fateful flights of Yuri Gagarin History “He lived and worked on the Mir orbital station for … Read more