High schools, return to class appreciated by only one out of two students. “Too many checks in the classroom, we prefer to stay in dad”

But do high school girls and boys really want to go back to school? Anyone would have thought they weren’t in the skin. But that’s not quite the case, at least not all of them, according to what the protagonists themselves reveal in the answers to a questionnaire that since February has interviewed all high … Read more

“Solidarity” guarantees staying in “the first” … and “invasive” joins “peace” to “the second”

“Al-Tadamon Tire” guaranteed to remain in the first division football league after its victory over “Tripoli” club, 1-0, in the match that was held between them, today, Sunday, in the fourth round of the last six clubs of the tournament. “Al-Shabab Al-Ghazia” club joined Al-Salam Zgharta club to the second division, despite the first victory … Read more

Italian League Results and Standings – Referee Error Makes Ibrahimovic Sent Off, AC Milan Stay Away From Juventus

TWITTER.COM/NBSNEWS24 The referee’s mistake was considered to have caused Zlatan Ibrahimovic to be sent off when AC Milan won over Parma and away from Juventus in the Italian League standings. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – The referee’s mistakes are judged to be made Zlatan Ibrahimovic expelled when AC Milan win over Parma and stay away from … Read more

Queen Elizabeth of Prince Philip. “I would be mine and stay with me all these years”

W Great Britain there is a national mourning over death Prince Philip. The prince, despite the sins of the past, was highly respected by his wife. Queen Elizabeth II she did not speak publicly about her husband very often. After the death of the 99-year-old, however, the Palace chose a memorable quote in which the … Read more

Sewer measurements are here to stay: not only for corona, but also for the measurement of medication use and obesity

Minister De Jonge is informed at the water lab in Leiden, where it is monitored how many corona spores there are in the sewage water. (image Raymond Rutting / uk) Leiden In a special ‘sample cupboard’, two white barrels collect some sewage, the odor of which reaches all corners of the site of the sewage … Read more

Husband on duty outside the area, doctor and police wife took Brimob officers to stay in rooms, raided by in-laws

SERAMBINEWS.COM – A doctor who is also the wife of the police was raided, bringing a Brimob officer to stay in his room. The raid was carried out by the Brimob Briptu MM in-law. Briptu MM served in Namlea, Buru Regency, Maluku. Meanwhile, the TNP doctor was none other than the wife of a police … Read more

Boeing 737 MAX has a new problem. Some planes will have to stay on the ground

The problems seem to be mounting for the Boeing 737 MAX: five months after being allowed to fly again after two fatal accidents, the American manufacturer asked its customers to stop using some of its aircraft, to correct a “possible electrical problem. “. Boeing announced on Friday that it asked 16 companies (whose names have … Read more

UK Will Give Place to Stay Myanmar Ambassador Fired by Junta

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – English offers residency for former ambassadors Myanmar in London, Kyaw Zwar Minn, who was fired by the military junta and expelled from the embassy. Zwar Minn reportedly met with the British Foreign Minister for Asia, Nigel Adams, shortly after the Myanmar military junta said it had fired him and asked Britain … Read more

Maruf Amin Invites Tarawih Muslims to Stay at Home, Residents: Are They New Shopping at the Mall?

Eramuslim.com – On the grounds that it is still a pandemic, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin urged Muslims to carry out tarawih and tadarus prayers at home during the month of Ramadan. He said the invitation was in line with the recommendation of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). “Not doing tarawih or tadarus in public places, … Read more

Is it more comfortable to stay with the Warriors? KD: Curry and Klay Harris are behind the strongest shooters who have partnered | NBA

Nets star Kevin Durant talked about his career teammates in the interview today. Speaking of the shooters he has partnered, Durant said: “Curry and Klay are undoubtedly the strongest shooters I have ever partnered. Harris is behind them and is gradually catching up.” Harris averaged 30.8 minutes per game this season, averaging 14.2 points and … Read more