Judge decides: lateral thinker cell phone stays in Neubrandenburg

Who does not remember the visit to four well-known Corona measure critics in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania two weeks ago – keyword: in, out, in again! The live stream, in which the Neubrandenburg police chief Torsten Rusch tried in vain to persuade four lateral thinking activists on the B96 in Weisdin to turn around, was followed at … Read more

FC Barcelona – La Liga: Neymar ‘stays’ at Barcelona

FC Barcelona – La Liga Never dissociated from the club Neymar, AFP Neymar has never completely dissociated himself from Barcelona mainly due to his open legal cases with the club as well as the Blaugrana’s reported interest to bring him back to Catalonia every summer since his departure to Paris Saint Germain. Three years have … Read more

Wehr: Support for the athletes: The development association of FC Wehr stays on the ball

The development association of FC Wehr again proved to be a valuable pillar of the main club last season. This is the conclusion drawn by the chairman of the friends’ association, Hans-Peter Schlageter, at the general meeting on Friday evening in the FC clubhouse. For example, the club also supported the championship celebration of the … Read more

NBA: The NBA stays at ‘only’ 8,300 million after losing 10% of profits

NBA The aftermath of the most rugged season in history La NBA, like other companies around the world, continues to measure the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic in their coffers. The crisis with China at the beginning of last season, the braking to the competition in the month of March and the absence … Read more

Biden stays home for fear of Covid

Javier AnsorenaFOLLOW Special Envoy to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Updated:29/10/2020 10:17h save Related news Joe Biden stayed home this Wednesday. Six days before the presidential election, what he has labeled as “the battle for the soul of America”, in the heat of struggle to avoid the re-election of Donald Trump, the Democratic candidate locked himself up in Wilmington … Read more

Sevilla stays in a beautiful facade – Sevilla-Deportes

He Sevilla we were not used to these numbers. Since the last confinement, the team has become a machine for scoring points: they managed 18 games without losing. But things have gone wrong. For the moment, the situation does not invite drama, but it does invite a severe analysis. Lopetegui is obliged to reset everything … Read more

Sinking: hotel overnight stays fell 79.7% in Madrid in the month of September

More information LOvernight stays in hotel establishments in the Community of Madrid plummeted 79.7 percent in September compared to the same month the previous year, to 459,258, according to data published this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Of the total number of overnight stays in the region, 330,083 correspond to stays of … Read more

Grifols stays the course and deploys its entire arsenal against the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the activity of practically all Spanish listed companies. But as is often the case with challenges, it has also focused on companies doing homework. This is the main message that can be extracted from the ‘Investor Day’ that Grifols just celebrated. The company remains faithful to its strategy and relies … Read more

NBA: Marc Gasol, a signing “possible for the Warriors … if he stays in the NBA”

NBA The US press sees the arrival of the pvot to California as possible Marc Gasol montage with the Warriors jersey Mientras Marc Gasol, free agent in the NBA’s next market, seriously values ​​the possibility of returning to Europe to end his professional career, the NBA continues to launch siren songs to the Spanish player … Read more