Viral: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Young man recorded 2 hours without doing anything and causes a stir

Updated on 08/04/2020 at 06:00 An action that left more than one gaping on the Internet. A young man of Indonesia became a viral sensation on social media like YouTube when recording for more than 2 hours without doing absolutely anything. Yes, as you read. The images of the singular act cause a stir on … Read more

Lelde Dreimane was surprised by the stir around her relationship

Latvian actress Lelde Dreimane, visiting Laura Saulīte’s program “Generation Famous”, revealed that she is especially trying to protect her new relationship. “I have something new in this relationship. I especially protect this relationship, by the way. I especially protect them from this agitation. And the more I protect them, the more agitation there is. And … Read more

Kuwaiti Rowan bin Hussein continues to stir controversy over a highly sensitive topic … video

The name of the Kuwaiti fashonista, Rawan bin Hussein, still raises the controversy from time to time, especially since she announced that she was betrayed again by her husband, Libyan businessman Mohamed Youssef Maqrif, to return once again to raise questions after her exit in a video clip not exceeding two minutes, via her YouTube … Read more

The case that is causing a stir in France: Adama Traoré, who died in 2016, is he a victim or an executioner?

Traoré died in 2016 after his arrest. He had been in prison before. His ex-inmate has just been compensated. The Adama Traoré affair caused a stir in France in 2016. It originates from the death of this 24-year-old man, at the Persan gendarmerie (Val-d’Oise), after his arrest in Beaumont-sur-Oise. Adama Traoré died almost two hours … Read more

Dimayor clubs plan to create a new league – Colombian Soccer – Sports

A historic jumble has been cooking since Thursday night in Colombian soccer. While awaiting the resignation of Jorge Enrique Vélez to the presidency of the Dimayor, 16 teams demanded and designed to make a new tournament, with new conditions and with greater control of the largest teams in the country: a championship that would not … Read more

Stir in the networks for the error of Google when searching for “Cristina Kirchner”

A Google search engine error unleashed a stir on social networks in recent hours. It is a name that this tool for surfing the internet attributed to the former head of state of Argentina and current president of the Senate, Cristina Fernández. And is that just “archynewsy” (browse Google) the first name of the former … Read more

Lukashenko advised Belarusians to survive the epidemic at their unloved job :: Politics :: RBC

A person can survive the time of the epidemic by getting a job, albeit not very popular, said Alexander Lukashenko. According to him, there are enough vacancies in the republic for this. Alexander Lukashenko (Photo: Nikolai Petrov / BelTA / AP) There are enough vacancies in Belarus to find work and survive the epidemic of … Read more