Spanish stock market: opportunities after the storm | Opinion

Over the last few years, the investor in the Spanish Stock Market has experienced a real roller coaster. Of the economic boom of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries there is little left. The euphoria that made us the most attractive market in Europe, supported by a significant demographic expansion (mainly due to immigration), … Read more

The bearish bleeding continues in a Stock Market that has thrown in the towel – Economy

The Stock market continues to be immersed in a spiral of uncertainty, concern and weakness. For the moment, fear clearly beats hope. There are plenty of reasons, as Sabina would say. To the usual considerations – a growing pandemic / dwindling economy, uncertainty about the presidential elections in the US and Brexit – analysts also … Read more

Excitation Systems Market Size 2020, Global Stock Strategy, Statistics, Industry Trends, Competition Strategies, Revenue Analysis, Key Players, Regional Analysis By Forecast To 2026

Comprehensive research of the global Excitation Systems market will enable well-established players, as well as emerging ones, to establish their business strategies and achieve their short-term and long-term goals. The Excitation Systems Market report also presents a significant assessment of the scope of the regions and where potential growth opportunities may be found by key … Read more

Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône-Alpes takes stock of companies facing Covid-19

The leading banking organization in its historic area of ​​intervention (Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Sud-Est Lyonnais), Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône-Alpes draws up a not-so-negative first assessment of the situation of the companies in its portfolio. On the front line, Ivan Bornecque, director of business development, explains that his organization “ injected nearly 270 million euros under … Read more

Management & Stock Market: Wall Street; perfect storm for the next few weeks | VIDEOS

Updated 10/27/2020 at 03:37 The world stock markets have generated a mixed behavior, the American and European stock markets entered negative territory, losing 1.03% and 1.54% respectively. On the other hand, the Asian and Latin American markets have registered positive numbers, mainly due to the rebound in copper, generating 1.44% and 4.28% respectively. “We have … Read more

The EU applies Brexit to the Stock Market and restricts the ‘dual listing’ in the United Kingdom | Markets

It was a threat since the beginning of Brexit times, back on June 23, 2016. But, four years later, the threat becomes reality. The equity market of the EU and the United Kingdom will fragment, only a little, as of January 1, as an equivalence agreement between the two countries has not been reached, according … Read more

Renault’s STOCK MARKET TICKER figures are well received

Frankfurt, Oct 23 (Reuters) – The following is the stock exchange ticker for important price movements on the international financial markets and their causes: 11:01 a.m. – A surprisingly small drop in sales gives Renault a boost. The shares of the French automaker rise by two percent. The company was able to achieve higher prices … Read more