The storm of results puts the vaccine stock market party to the test

Last will be first – or so investors seem to be thinking. After months of stock market distress during the pandemic, banks are enjoying full throttle from investor rotation to cyclical sectors. Optimism has taken hold of the financial sector European, and Spanish banking has not been the exception. Since in November Pfizer kicked off … Read more

The main European stock exchanges begin the week with slight increases except London

With the exception of London’s ‘City’, the main European stock exchanges closed their sessions this Monday slightly higher, with the markets waiting for the assumption of power by Joe Biden in the United States, on Wednesday. London’s FTSE 100 index fell 0.22% to 6,720.65 points. In Frankfurt, the DAX 30 performed better and gained 0.44% … Read more

The District Office took stock of the damage caused by the storm

As our newspaper reported, the consequences of last Thursday’s storm were truly regrettable in a huge portion of the department. In this regard, Hugo Crescitelli, director of Municipal Districts, referred in dialogue with FM Vos (94.5) and with Diario San Rafael.He recalled that on Thursday, since the arrival of the first clouds, they were in … Read more

Xiaomi’s stock market crash after entering the Pentagon’s blacklist

Stock market crash of the Chinese technology Xiaomi after entering the Pentagon’s blacklist. Shares of the handset maker have fallen more than 11% at the Hong Kong market opening on investor fears. Getting blacklisted by the Pentagon means that no American company or investor can invest in that company. The Pentagon alleges security reasons due … Read more

The blow to Xiaomi and the stimuli from Biden weigh down Asian stock markets

The Shares of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi have plummeted this Friday, after the administration of US President Donald Trump placed the company on a blacklist of alleged Chinese military companies. Along with the announcement of Stimulus from President-Elect Joe Biden of $ 1.9 Trillion, Asian stocks have closed lower. In Hong Kong, Xiaomi shares listed … Read more

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi drops 11% on Hong Kong stock market

Xiaomi’s shares fell 11% this Friday at the opening of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after the United States placed it on a blacklist of companies considered a threat to national security. Xiaomi, one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, is one of the eleven Chinese companies affected by the US authorities’ … Read more

Stock up supermarkets and requisition sandwiches

Since the end of last week, the chains of the large supermarkets with establishments in Northern Ireland –Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Lidl or Marks & Spencer– have begun to see part of their shelves empty without being able to replace them. Hundreds of products are already in short supply and the social networks of the residents of … Read more