Ransomware in Rovagnati, Lockbit spreads all stolen data: data breach analysis

The known Italian colossus Rovagnati for two days she has been suffering the damage of one data loss related to the cyber attack about 15 days ago. The Italian brand from Biassono, in fact, was hit by ransomware-type attack just before July 19, at least that’s what the criminals of the Lockbit group are claiming, … Read more

Ann Thongprasom may have to pay millions. Redemption from a pawnshop after 19 million stolen

Police reveal Ann Thongprasom’s approach to recovering assets After being stolen by an assistant, 19 million baht had to take out millions of money to redeem the property from the pawnshop itself. Or may have to prosecute the pawn shop. Charged with buying stolen goods If you refuse to redeem your money back Image from … Read more

foreign citizen stolen from a lynching

Bottles thrown at eye level that shatter, screams and general stampede. This is the scene that was parade in front of the agents of the Nosu of the municipal police in the late afternoon of Sunday 31 July, present with the permanent garrison in viale Gramsci. The agents on the spot immediately requested reinforcements, with … Read more

«I hate the Russians», the stolen outburst of the Norwegian diplomat – The video

“Here is a lesson in European tolerance.” Thus the Telegram channel Mash comment one clip where the Norwegian consul in the Russian city of Murmansk, Elisabeth Ellingsendiscusses with a hotel reception until he says: “I hate the Russians”. Everything was born from one dispute concerning the cleaning of a room, the incident was filmed by … Read more

Insurer data: the most stolen cars are BMW – Road and law – Car – TVNET

Also, the statistics of the insurer show that the most frequent thefts take place in the most populated areas, where the actions of thieves are not so easily noticed. The places where the most expensive and newest cars are found are particularly attractive to Garnages. In recent years, the most frequently visited areas by thieves … Read more

A dangerous challenge is spreading on the Internet: Starting a Kia car using USB! This is how a woman’s car was stolen

A new challenge is spreading on social networks. In it, people are trying to start their Kia cars using only the USB cable from the charger in the ignition without using the keys. The first such video appeared in early July. It captures a man who successfully started his car with a USB cable. At … Read more

Lebanon confiscates ship suspected of carrying stolen grain from Ukraine

loading… Lebanon seizes ship laden with grain allegedly stolen from Ukraine. Photos/REUTERS BEIRUT – A Lebanese prosecutor on Saturday (30/7/2022) ordered the seizure of a Syrian-flagged ship docked in the port of Tripoli. The ship was loaded with Ukrainian grain, which the Kiev embassy in Beirut said was stolen. Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat instructed police to … Read more

Stolen Adolf Hitler Gold Watch Sold for IDR 16 Billion

loading… A gold watch belonging to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was sold for more than $1,000 at a US auction. This luxury watch was looted by French soldiers from Hitler’s safe house. Photo/Alexander Historical Auctions/Pen News WASHINGTON – A gold watch belonging to Adolf Hitler which the French army stole from its hiding place in … Read more

Lebanon intercepted a ship carrying stolen Ukrainian grain

Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat ordered police to check the Laodicea, which arrived in Tripoli earlier this week, a judicial official said. Gh. Oueidat “ordered the ship to be detained until the investigation is completed,” added the source, who wished to remain anonymous. Lebanese police were also instructed to consult with the Ukrainian embassy, ​​which said the … Read more

Family from Groningen has to cut short holiday in Italy. Complete camper with racing bikes stolen from ‘secure’ parking space

A secured motorhome near the center of Turin seemed a good place to Bas Eefting from Groningen to park the old, refurbished Frankia for a few hours, so that he and his family could explore the Italian city. On return, a few hours later, the camper appeared to have disappeared. Bas, Krista, Jelle and Melle … Read more