Gouda cheese price rises in MLC stores in Cuba

Cuban Internet users denounced that the government increased the price of gouda cheese in freely convertible currency (MLC), in a surprising way and without announcing it to the population. “The (store in) MLC doubled the price of the Gouda cheese from one day to the next, out of nowhere,” Julio Herrera, a user who identifies … Read more

The Orsay chain has moved to About You. The new owner is to take over the stores in the Czech Republic

The German clothing brand Orsay has closed its own online store, moved sales to the About You e-shop, which was established in Germany and operates in 25 European countries. The company informed customers about the change on the website. The stores in the Czech Republic, which have been operated by Ordiczech since 2018, will probably … Read more

Valora buys around 70 additional stores from Oel-Pool

The retail group Valora announced on Monday a ‘significant’ extension of its collaboration with the Aargau petrol station operator Oel-Pool. This translates into the takeover of 71 additional stores, which will operate under the Avec brand. “In addition to locations in city centers, high-traffic locations such as train stations and airports as well as shopping … Read more

The first stores of the SPAR network will be opened in Saldus and Liepaja – BNN

The first international retail store network SPAR stores in Latvia will open in the second half of July in Saldus and Liepaja. At least three more outlets will be opened by the end of this year, including in Riga. The company’s goal in the first year of operation in Latvia is to successfully enter the … Read more

You no longer do your shopping as before: Lidl sees more and more customers who had never pushed the doors of its stores surge

The sale of white goods is exploding and consumers are adapting their behavior. The big brands may try to limit price increases, but consumers are often forced to adapt their behavior. Buying less, changing habits, choosing the white product rather than the big brand or even hunting for promotions have become reflexes adopted by thousands … Read more

Inflation: after oil, butter, the boss of U stores fears a shortage by the end of the year

Inflation is settling “sustainably” in France, it would even be only half of its maximum level, warns Dominique Schelcher, the president of System U. He also fears a strong tension to come on the butter of fall here. L’inflation still weighs down the budget of the French and it is not about to stop! guest … Read more

Bata: hires and 100 new stores by 2024

Numerous Bata hires are on the way throughout Italy, thanks to the opening of new stores by 2024. The well-known Group, which specializes in the production and distribution of footwear, plans to launch 100 new stores. The expansion plan will involve new ones employment opportunities at shops and offices. Here’s what to know about future … Read more

Rising prices threaten the supply of small grocery stores

While social discontent about the continued price increases of most consumer goods continues to grow, small businesses are crying out against this situation from which they hardly benefit, quite the contrary. It’s an open secret, the rise in hydrocarbons at the global level has great repercussions on the prices of raw materials both on national … Read more

La 14 becomes new stores Éxito and Surtimayorista

about a year ago the liquidation of the famous supermarket chain La 14 was announced and, as was said at the time, several companies will keep the spaces to give birth to new businesses or expand some already created. This is the case of Grupo Éxito, which detailed this week the plan that has to … Read more

Owner of Paradiso bakery and pastry shop after closing seven stores in downtown Santiago: “It’s sad to have to leave where you were born”

They are more than 50 years of history. Paradiso is a family bakery and pastry shop that was born and raised in the center of Santiago. They came to have 30 stores in the Metropolitan Region. Today they have 23 and have had to cut their workers in half. The pandemic, violence and crime led … Read more