What is Hamleys like, one of the most famous toy stores in the world

You are walking by Regent Street looking at stained-glass windows -some of colorful design-, dodging people, enjoying the movement of London . Suddenly, there, in the distance, there is a certain tumult. You get a little closer and the bustle generates curiosity. There are pirates brandishing swords on the sidewalk, they yell, interact with pedestrians, … Read more

Apple seeks to expand “express” stores before the end of the year

We facilitate the creation of Smart Alliances.+ industries, more than a magazine. Latest entries from More Industries (see everything) The company is looking to expand its year-end sales through a new marketing format, with the aim of increasing demand for the new device that was launched this month. Apple Inc is expanding a new physical … Read more

Government indicates that about 70 stores near Plaza Baquedano have closed due to protests | Economy

Almost 70 stores located in the vicinity of Plaza Baquedano They have closed their doors this year, according to the government, largely as a result of protests in the area. In the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT), they condemned the criminal acts in the framework of the demonstrations, but asked La Moneda and the employers … Read more

PS5: the DualSense controller has already arrived in some North American stores

The new generation console is about to begin, but the peripherals have not yet been officially released. However, the stores they are already receiving their ordersSo it’s no surprise that some of the pieces turn up on warehouse shelves. Several North American users have found that the remote DualSense of PlayStation 5 It has already … Read more

Kayser, Lapiz López, SalcoBrand, Claro and Maicao stores looted in Alameda blocks from La Moneda | National

Metropolitan region Sunday 18 October 2020 | 22:32 They loot local Kayser, Lapiz López, SalcoBrand, Claro and Maicao in Alameda blocks from La Moneda A group of about 30 people participated during the afternoon and evening of this day in a series of looting that affected at least four commercial premises in Alameda, of the … Read more

The cheapest iPhone is already on sale in Argentina: how much does it cost?

He 64GB storage model will cost $ 83,000 in official Apple stores. Instead, the 128GB will be sold for $ 94,000. Both devices are offered with financing in 12 installments, at an extra cost of 12%. Plus, they have a one-year factory warranty. The arrival of the iPhone SE generated a boom in the US … Read more

Microsoft will close its Microsoft Store stores permanently

26/06/2020 17:04 – Updated: 06/26/2020 17:07 The American tech giant Microsoft will carry out a strategic turn in its retail operations, including the closure of its physical Microsoft Store stores, for which the company will score a negative impact of approximately 450 million dollars (401 million euros) in the last quarter of its fiscal year … Read more

Free games on the Epic Games Store boost your sales in other stores, according to Epic

Epic Games Store gives away one or even more games weekly, a promotion that has served to get free titles like Grand Theft Auto V and multitude of launches; soon I know how to give away Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, a novelty. The strategy seeks to get users and compete with Steam, but according to … Read more

As part of the pilot tests, the city of Shenzhen in China will give its residents an amount of digital yuan with which they can make purchases in more than 3,000 stores – Crypto Trends

As the days go by, from China they add new initiatives related to the digital currency issued by the Central Bank (CBDC), a digital yuan that aims to become one of the first national digital currencies to be launched, according to its promoters China is determined to be the first country to launch a national … Read more