After Filomena and Gaetán will arrive the storms Hortense, Ignacio and Justine

The storm Filomena has been devastating, especially in the center of the peninsula, where heavy snowfalls caused the collapse of the Madrid capital. Galicia was the only place on the peninsula that was spared from the effects of Filomena, however now it is plunged into a new storm: Gaetán is leaving intense rainfall and strong … Read more

Carlos Rodríguez, after the storms: “I lost 500 thousand kilos of pear”

As reported by the San Rafael daily, the storms of last week caused enormous damage in much of the department, for example Las Aguaditas, Goudge. Carlos Rodríguez, a producer of peaches and pears in that district, spoke with FM Vos (94.5) and with Diario San Rafael.He expressed that the area of ​​Las Aguaditas is among … Read more

MR News | Weather alert: the municipality provides recommendations for strong storms

The Municipality of Rosario reiterates a series of recommendations to take extreme care and precautions against the rains that broke out during the early morning hours and whose alert is still in effect by the National Weather Service. Due to this situation, citizens are asked to take into account the following preventive measures: take out … Read more

Forecast: Yellow alert for rains and storms for this Friday

He alert system of the National Meteorological Service anticipates rains and storms for the entire province of Córdoba. More precisely for the Punilla Valley, a storm alert yellow, and says that “the area will be affected by rains and storms, some strong. It will be accompanied by strong gusts, hail fall, intense electrical activity and … Read more

Hot Friday, with showers and occasional thunderstorms

The meteorological report indicates that the weather will remain hot, with mostly cloudy skies and northeast winds. There is also a high percentage of humidity in the environment. Rains and occasional thunderstorms will persist throughout the day and could occur mainly in the afternoon. For Asunción and the metropolitan area a maximum of 36ºC is … Read more

San Diego will remain dry as winter storms linger north

The atmospheric rivers that often soak Southern California in January were left in the north, leading to the San Diego region in route to drought, said the National Weather Service. There has been a fundamental and temporary change in the climate. A number of high pressure systems have been established along the west coast in … Read more

weather alert for heavy storms

The notice applies to the departments of The Capital, San Jerónimo and Garay during the night of this Sunday and the early morning of Monday. See more: Weather in Rosario: sun in the afternoon and rain at night According to the alert, the accumulated precipitation values ​​range between 40 and 65 mm, but it is … Read more

Strong storms and intense gusts are expected «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

He National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued this Sunday an alert for heavy rains and storms in Mar del Plata and the area that will be accompanied by intense gusts of wind. The agency reported this afternoon that the municipality of General Pueyrredon and its surroundings will be affected between Sunday night and Monday morning for … Read more