Fernando Alonso ignites a crisis between Formula 1 teams. What’s the story?

Fernando Alonso’s departure came as a shock to Alpine (Klay Cross/Getty) Ignite the departure of the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso From Alpine to Aston Martin, a crisis between the managements of Formula 1 teams, after it was announced German Vettel His retirement at the end of the current season, and the inability of the teams … Read more

“The traitor killed his father” Kim Jun-ho’s anger and shocking family story that made him cry

Photo = online community capture Comedian Kim Jun-ho has become a hot topic by disclosing the fact that he is dating fellow comedian Kim Ji-min, whom he has worked with for a long time, through a comedian concert in April. Kim Ji-min has expressed her gratitude to Kim Jun-ho several times on TV since long … Read more

The chilling story of the Belgian family who survived a helicopter crash in Kenya: “I thought everyone was dead”

Aurélien, the youngest, thought only of the crocodiles, which he had seen while flying over other lakes. The pilot was able to reassure the family about this, because the lake was too toxic. Aurélien thought his whole family was dead. He heard no noise, at first, nothing. He couldn’t get his belt off. “Me, I … Read more

The wonderful story of the soccer player who gave his liver to his mother

Young Robert Beric Komcic continues to count down the days when he will return to playing football again, he has started training, and has been returned to the Cepalia team, active in the Croatian second division. Coach Tomislav Raduti decided to open the door to Komšić, without forgetting that the 23-year-old striker played the match … Read more

The Israeli raid on Gaza and the Italian newspapers: “Guilt of the attacked”. But the major international newspapers tell another story

Let’s face it, a press like this wouldn’t even mind a Vladimir Putin. You attack a territory that is a kind of open-air prison, you kill 44 people, including 15 children, and you injure another 350, but what we are talking about is the reaction of the attacked, the right of the aggressor to defend … Read more

The Story of a Semarang Woman’s Haru Losing a German Lover Before the Wedding… Page all

BERN, KOMPAS.com – OLD love doesn’t rust, it dries up. The classic German proverb which means true love never rusts, only withers has been believed to be true by many people. But, that didn’t apply to Diana. “The fire of my love for Raphael never goes out, let alone withers. It will continue to burn, … Read more

The story of wisdom: Abu Nawas found a bag of money, but this reward was received from the owner

BondowosoNetwork.com – At one time the country of Baghdad was experiencing a period of famine, many farms failed and the market was empty of buyers. Of course this condition greatly affects the people, many people who experience difficulties are no exception Abu Nawas. He and his wife sometimes had to fast because there was no … Read more

The ABG Orphan’s Sad Story Sleeping in His Father’s Grave for 2 Months

Boyolali – ABG in Boyolali with the initials BW (16) two months sleeping beside his father’s grave. The orphaned child also received attention from the Regency Government BoyolaliCentral Java. “Now the position is in a halfway house. Only this halfway house has a provision that it can’t be more than a few (15) days. Therefore, … Read more

Pasha’s Story Becomes India’s Most Wanted Fugitive, Allegedly Involved in Murder 30 Years Ago… Pages all

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – Om Prakash otherwise known as Pasha is the police “most wanted fugitive” in Haryana State, India north because it is related to cases of alleged robbery and murder. For 30 years, the former Indian soldier has been hiding in public in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. There, he lived his … Read more

The Love Story of Via Vallen and Chevra Yolandi, One Stage 6 Years Ago, Didn’t Expect to Be Matched

BANGKAPOS.COM – A love story Via Vallen did not expect to be matched with Chevra Yolandihad one stage 6 years ago. The singer of Via Vallen recalled the early meeting with her husband Chevra Yolandi. Through an Instagram post, the singer of the song ‘Dear’ shared a video of the beginning of the meeting with … Read more