‘Stranger Things’ fans ask to cancel Metallica for this reason

One of the greatest effects ‘Stranger Things’ was to place Metallica, for the first time, on the Billboard popularity charts. In just one month, the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ It surpassed 1.1 billion views globally. ‘Squid Game’ It remains the most watched series in Netflix history, even reaching 4 million new subscribers. It wasn’t … Read more

The Summer of Kate Bush and Eddie Mansen. Review of the new season of the series «Stranger Things» / Article

I recently went on a business trip and was able to observe the impact the latest season of the series has had on the world. At London airport I was met by a girl wearing “The Hellfire Club” T-shirt, in Portugal I bought the same T-shirt for myself, entering a local tattoo parlor, whose kind … Read more

Murcix responds to Mixer’s harsh comment regarding their relationship. Weirder and stranger in the Friza team

Mixer was supposed to write a rather strange comment on Facebook. Of course, he has not belonged to the Friz team for a long time, but from time to time he refers to the team members. In the past, Mixer made some reference to the crew in some way. For some time, its content focused … Read more

Final Fantasy Origin: All about the Bahamut DLC of Stranger of Paradise!

Game News Final Fantasy Origin: All about the Bahamut DLC of Stranger of Paradise! Published on 07/08/2022 at 08:10 On the occasion of the release of the first DLC of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin dedicated to Bahamut, we were able to ask some questions to Daisuke Inoue, co-director of the game, to find … Read more

This enormous sacrifice that David Harbor will have to make to shoot season 5 of Stranger Things

Stranger Things fans may have noticed: for season 4 of the series, David Harbor had to lose a lot of weight… 36 kilos in total. In these episodes, he indeed finds himself in a gulag and is not very coated. “My coach @davidhigginslondon worked with me for 8 months to do the transformation, and another … Read more

The joyful Tomasz Lis walks with a mysterious stranger, and then gives her a goodbye kiss (PHOTOS)

Tomasz Lis He’s not on a streak lately. A few weeks ago he left the editorial office of “Newsweek” after it was revealed that he had committed mobbing against employees. In the current, rather bleak, professional situation, the journalist may find it salvation the fact that he managed to sell the property in Konstancin, for … Read more

Kate Bush: the most original artist of the eighties who was forgotten and was reborn with Stranger Things and the centennials

Perhaps the enigmatic singer Kate Bush would be a stranger today if her friend Ricky Harper hadn’t hooked her up with the Pink Floyd guitarist at age 14. Until she found him, other players in her record business did not give her a single answer. He musician, named David Gilmour was dazzled. As is also … Read more

“Paper Girls” on Prime Video: much more than a copy of “Stranger Things” | CRITIQUE | Premieres | SKIP-INTRO

Yes ok “Paper Girls” has been continually compared to “Stranger Things” – a sin from which we too we consider ourselves guilty -, with three episodes seen from the new Prime Video series, it offers a lot to justify its existence and promises an adventure very different from that of the Hawkins boys. There are … Read more

“Stranger Things” star Jamie Campbell Bower talks about drug addiction – VG

OPENER: Jamie Campbell Bower. Foto: TOBY MELVILLE/Reuters The 33-year-old writes that he had to be admitted. The British actor has one very central role – NB! spoiler in link – in the fourth and currently final season of “Stranger Things”, and garners a lot of praise for it. Now he has posted messages on Twitter … Read more