Apple bids farewell to the iPod in its attempt to stream music

PARIS, May 10 (Benin News / EP) – Apple announced that abandons newer models of its iPod player.but maintains its commitment to music through the integration of its streaming service to its mobile devices. The iPod has been part of the Cupertino company’s product catalog for 20 years, but Apple Music’s music streaming and devices … Read more

Jiří Procházka MMA Stream

Being ready to die, every warrior should enter the cage. If he doesn’t, he will “cheat himself and the audience,” thinks Jiří Procházka, who is one of the world’s top in the MMA and can achieve the highest triumph in Singapore on June 11 – winning the semi-heavyweight champion’s belt in the world’s most prestigious … Read more

Sykkuno explained in a stream why he left Twitch for YouTube

Sykkunoa streamer known for his work with bands like OfflineTV and Streamer wie Valkyraeannounced his departure Twitch on Monday on YouTube. The popular streamer was one of the platform’s top creators with over four million subscribers and was the 28th highest-earning streamer on Twitch as of October 2021. In his first exclusive YouTube stream Monday … Read more

The Navi 31 GPU would have fewer stream processors than expected

Lowered specifications for the Navi 31, Navi 32 and Navi 33 GPUs. Until now, most leaks themed around AMD’s upcoming GPUs suggested 15,360 stream processors for the best, Navi 31. Moreover, just yesterday, some took this basis to estimate a power of 92 TFLOPS FP32 with a frequency of 3 GHz. Today, the specifications of … Read more

This is how the Russians lobbied in Germany for Nord Stream 2

The association received subsidies of PLN 20,000 from Nord Stream 2 AG. euro per year Explains Madeleine Block, Executive Director of the German-Russian Partnership (DRP). DRP was founded in 2018 by the former prime minister of the state, Erwin Sellering, with the aim of, inter alia, promoting understanding of Russia in Germany. The management board … Read more

New in the stream – Julia Roberts cannot be silenced in “Gaslit” – culture

contents The Watergate scandal is considered one of the most explosive political affairs in the USA. The mini-series “Gaslit” tells the case from a new perspective: Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts) got the ball rolling as a tireless whistleblower. “I decided a long time ago that I would say what I think. It doesn’t matter if … Read more

Documents on the connections between Germans and Russians at Nord Stream 2 have been disclosed. “Something shocking”

Premier Manuela Schwesig was extremely strongly involved in matters related to the launch of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 – Green politicians emphasize in a statement for the FAZ. The cooperation of the government in Schwerin with the Russian state-owned company Gazprom is something shocking, something that must finally be dealt with – … Read more