Putin put forward an ultimatum to Europe: If you want gas, open Nord Stream 2

September 18, 00:59 Putin blackmails Europe with gas supplies (Photo: kremlin.ru) Russian dictator Vladimir Putin denies Russian involvement in energy crisis in Europe, saying that if the European Union wants more gas, it must lift sanctions supposedly preventing the opening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This was stated by Putin, speaking to reporters … Read more

Russian gas to “Power of Siberia 2” replaces “Nord Stream 2”

In the context of consolidating relations with China and distancing itself from Europe Moscow announced on Thursday that the “Power of Siberia 2” pipeline, which has been negotiating with Beijing for several years to build in order to supply China with Russian gas, will “replace” the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was built to transport … Read more

Sony Xperia Stream Hands-On Review: Lightweight + Feels Good! Support cooling + HDMI / LAN 4-in-1 port-ePrice.HK

Sony Hong Kong issued an invitation letter earlier, telling the media that they have a new product launch. I really remember that when they asked if they would launch a new mobile phone, they said they “couldn’t disclose it”, they just said Mobile Gaming Solution. After that, there were a lot of rumors. He also … Read more

Sony Xperia Stream is a reality and you can turn your smartphone into a console

Sony Xperia Stream has arrived to exploit the growth of the video game market for smartphones and wants to turn smartphones into consoles through their covers. The company looked for new ways to complement an experience that is normally done with the help of controls that are coupled, however this time it is different. The … Read more

This is the new Xperia Stream, the fan accessory for Sony mobile gaming

Sony has introduced a new accessory specially designed for mobile gaming. It’s about the new Xperia Streama fan for high-end mobile devices that attaches to the back in order to reduce its temperature and thus avoid a possible drop in performance. This has been presented through a video that you can see below, its first … Read more

Basil hits inside and outside the stream before the end of the covenant

Representative Gibran Bassil’s steps are accompanied by a kind of confusion. At the height of the clash with the various political forces, he wanted to purify the “Free Patriotic Movement,” and when positions intensified regarding the failure of the state and responsibility for the collapse, the effects of the issue of depriving the Lebanese people … Read more

Nord Stream 2 operator postpones bankruptcy for another four months

Published: 2022-09-08 08:56 Photo by Arnd Wiegmann (Reuters / Scanpix). The bankruptcy procedure of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AG, which is controlled by Russian Gazprom through a company established in Russia, has been postponed for another four months until 2023. January, the company announced in the official Vecaria trade bulletin. … Read more

Gazprom: Resumption of supplies via Nord Stream 1 depends on Siemens. We don’t understand, it sounds like it’s from Germany

Gazprom announced on Friday that it will not resume gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which was shut down last week for scheduled maintenance. However, according to the company, a problem was found during it – engine oil was leaking from the turbine at the compressor station. And until it is … Read more

Damien Ernst is worried about the closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and points out “very bad news”: “Everyone was hoping for a drop in prices…”

The closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is of concern to Professor Damien Ernst, who is mainly concerned about the repercussions of this closure. Van Hoof Thibaut Published on 09-05-2022 at 18:46 – Updated 05-09-2022 at 7:13 p.m ©PHOTONEWS/AP On Saturday, the Russian group Gazprom confirmed the indefinite shutdown of of the Nord … Read more

“Siemens Energy” sees no reason for not resuming the operation of “Nord Stream”.

The oil leak, which the Russian gas concern “Gazprom” used as a pretext for not resuming the operation of the gas pipeline “Nord Stream” after technical maintenance, is an ordinary technical problem that usually does not affect the operation of the turbine and can be fixed on the spot, the company “Siemens Energy” has announced. … Read more