Against stress, depression and anxiety, sport would be more effective than drugs

The studies are unanimous: the practice of a physical activity would make it possible to fight against mental disorders, and would even be – in certain cases – more effective than certain treatments and drugs. A look back at the many benefits of sport to combat stress, anxiety, and even psychological distress. Photo : PeopleImages … Read more

What to watch for in money markets when looking for signs of systemic banking stress

Silicon Valley Bank Silicon Valley Bank – SVB)’s collapse has raised concerns that other banks may face a lack of funding. Still, while shares of several supposedly risky companies, such as First Republic Bank and Western Alliance Bancorp, have fallen to record lows, and some parts of the funding markets have seen significant movement, the … Read more

Investors’ stress has eased, they are looking for opportunities to invest

Despite the US government moving atypically quickly last week to demonstrate that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank was not the start of a new financial crisis, and news of the sale of Credit Suisse, investors in the financial sector this week viewed cautiously at the start of the week. But on … Read more

Be careful! Often Stress Triggers Depression to Early Death

Jakarta: Many people take the stress they often feel lightly. In fact, this condition is dangerous for the health of the body and triggers a number of diseases. Especially if the stress takes place continuously. Let’s get to know stress further to avoid various risks of disease! Definition of stress Launching the official website of … Read more

Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress… why sport is beneficial for mental health

Sport is (also) serious. We are of course thinking of its benefits, which are widely documented, in terms of physical health. What is less known is that it participates in the treatment of even severe mental illnesses. A top athlete and psychiatrist, Dr. Jérôme Palazzolo has been firmly convinced of this for a long time. … Read more

On ethical stress and understanding one’s limits

One of the more The commonly used expression when doctors today express themselves in the media about their everyday work is »ethical stress«. Lack of care places. Lack of healthcare staff. Lack of time. Lack of opportunities to care for patients. Lack of emergency rooms, supervision and further training. Abundance of administrative tasks. Lousy working … Read more

7 Diseases that Appear when Stress, Headaches to Heart

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A lot of people don’t realize that stress proved to have a negative effect on health. The reason is, stress can affect the body, mind, feelings, and behavior. In fact, stress can cause several health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Quoting from the site upk.kemkes.go.idStress is … Read more

how to take care of it through nutrition?

Stress due to work or a personal situation, meals taken too quickly, lack of time, socio-economic factors, these phenomena can generate some stress or discomfort and promote poor mental health. What if nutrition had a role to play in this balance? If, as the illustrious British anthropologist and ethnologist Jane Goodall asserts, We are what … Read more

Wearing your partner’s clothes reduces stress

Whether you are busy at work, with the household or the children: we can all use a little less stress. A surprising tip: try wearing your partner’s clothes. According to research, his/her/their hoodie would drastically reduce your stress level. This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in … Read more