Sick of money stress. Your life turned upside down by money worries. Financial psychologist: ‘It’s not nothing that happens’

© foto’s Getty Images Annemarie de Jong Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 08:50 Amsterdam Sleepless nights, worrying, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and addictions: money stress can be disastrous for your health. Financial psychologist Anne Abbenes explains how this works and provides tools to keep a cool head. “Talk to others, know that you are not … Read more

UMCG research with virtual job interview maps stress

By using virtual reality (VR), it is possible to simulate very realistic situations, which means that it is possible to measure how someone handles a stressful situation. For example, techniques to learn to deal with stress can be developed. PhD researcher Mathijs Nijland and research assistant Bart Lestestuiver are closely involved in carrying out the … Read more

A study showing the benefits of agriculture on mental and physical health

12:21 PM Monday 19 September 2022 A person feels great calm and serenity when being in green areas, and according to studies, it can be felt in these moments that all problems are manageable and solvable as soon as a person puts his hands in the soil. According to the charity Mind Mental Health, more … Read more

Breathe correctly, avoid stress and fall asleep faster

Relaxing and falling asleep can sometimes be difficult, especially for those who are stressed, then the breathing technique in the relaxation exercise 4-7-8 can be helpful. Raj Dasgupta is a clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. He explains that the 4-7-8 technique for relaxation involves breathing … Read more

7 dangerous habits that cause heart problems: Know them and take precautions

Millions of people die every year due to heart diseases. In order to prevent heart diseases, one of the most common diseases in society, it is necessary to change life habits and see a doctor regularly. Many factors, from tooth brushing to loneliness, lead to heart diseases. HABITS THAT CAUSE HEART DISEASES 1- APPLICATION OF … Read more

Bad for your health and your relationships: this is how financial stress can cause serious problems

Anxiety disorders, a weakened immune system, divorce: these are just a few of the many consequences of financial stress. In these financially difficult times, it is important that we keep an eye on each other, says financial psychologist Anne Abbenes. Is she worried about her financial situation? Concerns are still mild, says Anneke (66) from … Read more

Its deficiency ends the sexual life! This situation, which causes sexual problems, is valid for both parties.

Many people in society have sexual problems. Failure to make an effort to rectify these very common situations leads to an increase in the problems experienced. It is known that factors such as high-fat diet, alcohol use and smoking cause sexual problems. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency can also cause serious problems. DEFICIT … Read more

Health and Stress – A Self-Care Prescription for Anxiety

– A self-care prescription for anxiety What if doctors gave their anxious patients a little lesson in physiology and advice to help them acquire their own tools to fight? Published: 16.09.2022, 10:09 The effect of certain physical activities, such as yoga, on anxiety has been validated by solid scientific studies. GARY BURCHELL/GETTY IMAGES Palpitations, “bulge … Read more

September blues, lightness will save us against the stress of restarting

The heat, during the day, deceives us and makes us dream. Darkness, at eight in the evening, brings us back to reality. Less than a week and it is Autumn. While thoughts, nostalgia and desires still make the mind and body turn towards the summer just passed. Suddenly it is melancholy. The idea prevails of … Read more

Here are 8 soothing foods. Dealing with stress is easy now

According to the news of; It has been reported that proper nutrition is the best way to cope with stress. It was also emphasized that you can reduce and prevent your stress with natural methods. Here are 8 foods that will save your life… 1- ALMOND AND PEANUT Consumption of nuts known to be … Read more