IMF chief: We can’t stress the need to vaccinate the world, otherwise the economy will be in big trouble

The IMF still believed the eurozone could show 4.3% growth this year in October, but the institution had already signaled yesterday that it could adjust its forecast somewhat downwards in its forecast for the coming weeks, said IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva CNBCto. The main risks are high energy prices, growing supply problems and the reintroduction … Read more

Anxiety gripped him, chills shook him. Football was just a stress for me, explains the humble end of my career

In the highest competition, the last Liberec breeder entered the Bohemians 1905 jersey last August, then he was severely injured for a long time. He tore his cruciate ligament. When he got into a heap after a year and the return to the field was approaching in the summer, he got worse and worse. In … Read more

7 Best Foods When Stressed, Apart from Chocolate

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Hopes to go through the day in a relaxed manner must be dashed when you receive an email containing a complaint from a client, not yet the boss suddenly asks for a meeting even though you have to take care of other things. Stress? Definitely. You certainly can’t run away to … Read more

Vitamin C can be an ally against anxiety and depression. Understand – News

The most famous of the vitamins, always remembered at the time of the flu and the cold, can have a positive supporting role in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Studies published in the last two decades point to an advantageous relationship in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplementation during the treatment of these psychiatric disorders. … Read more

Figure skater Tomáš Verner (34): I dance and I have goulash in it!

His journey to the dance show was long. He had received the offer twice before, but it never worked out. “StarDance runs in parallel with the figure skater’s racing season, so I always had to turn it down. It was not possible during his career, “he says. When he finished racing, he had to wait … Read more

Verner from Stardance in the end: With this he disappointed his partner

It’s too much for him. Verner (35) begins to feel physical exhaustion. Constant hard training and the pressure of perfect performance on the floor are beginning to sign on it. “I already had a small crisis on Sunday and I canceled my training on Tuesday night,” revealed figure skater for the website. “I’m a … Read more

Beware of Irritable Bowel Syndrome! Appears with abdominal pain, triggers stress

Giving information about irritable bowel syndrome, Medicana International Istanbul Hospital Gastroenterology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ozlem Mutluay Soyer, “Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional bowel disease characterized by abdominal pain and changes in bowel habit. It is a very common condition and affects 5-10% of the population. Nervous system changes and stress can cause irritable … Read more

Constant hunger and overeating. That’s the whole point! | Mehmet ÖZ

You overeat, you do not feel full, moreover, you think that you are happier when you eat. You can solve this problem that causes you to gain or lose weight by making small but important changes in your lifestyle. class=”cf”> Around me, ‘Dr. On The Oz Show, too, people constantly ask me the question: “I … Read more

Even the powerful emit flatulence: the stress reaction only makes Biden more human

The presumed fart of a mighty of the earth (Joe Biden) felt with annoyance by another VIP person (Camilla current wife of the English prince) has jumped to the headlines in recent days. A wealthy patient of mine during the first visit told me “even the rich cry!”, Now we discover that even the powerful … Read more

Against stress, laugh! – The Republic of

Laughter tends to “stabilize the heart rate and lower blood pressure.” Stress exerts a “negative action on cardiovascular disease, clearly demonstrated today. It can go as far as causing a myocardial infarction, ”underlines the French Federation of Cardiology (FFC). Hence the challenge of preventing it, if not managing it, thanks in particular to laughter. Its … Read more