120 weapons for every 100 Americans… Scenes of terror strike Washington

Scenes of pain and horror are becoming increasingly familiar in America, with some 393 million civilian-owned firearms in the country. Those scenes were shown by the killing of at least 10 people and the injury of 10 others after a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday night, while a report by “CNN” said … Read more

6 disturbing revelations of the New Year strike in Makiivka: “It was total confusion”

Few details were revealed by Russia after Ukraine’s massive New Year’s Eve strike on Makiivka military quarters near Donetsk, but now new information has surfaced from Russian users on Telegram. • Read also: Devastating strike in Makiivka: the Russian army carries out reprisals in Kramatorsk • Read also: Funerals for Russian soldiers killed in Ukrainian … Read more


The indefinite strike launched by the transport sector since Wednesday will inevitably have negative consequences for the country’s economy. According to the economist ElHadji Mansour Samb, this strike, even if it is not fully followed, could be felt at three levels of our economy, in particular on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), on the informal … Read more

France prepares for strike chaos – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Thursday has been a day characterized by strikes and protests across the country. Thousands of workers have gathered in protest in the French cities of Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes and Lyon, as well as several other places on Thursday afternoon. Arrests In Paris, 80,000 French people have taken to the streets to protest, the French … Read more

Strike brings cross-border payments to Africa

Payments company Bitcoin Strike has coordinated with the Bitnob mobile app to facilitate payments to Africa, enabling instant, low-cost remittances to the continent. The new “Send Globally” feature is available to all American Strike users and will provide initial coverage in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. This partnership will allow the three African countries to receive … Read more

Ubisoft: Even more trouble: employees angry, strike on Friday

Things aren’t going well at Ubisoft. After the weak year 2022, garnished with postponements and canceled projects, the employees are now on the barricades. The reason: clumsy statements by the Ubisoft boss. The cancellation of another three projects, the renewed postponement of Skull & Bones, the weak sales of Just Dance and Mario + Rabbids: … Read more

Ubisoft employees in Paris go on strike to protest Yves Guillemot’s disastrous comments

© The union representing workers at Ubisoft’s Paris office, Solidaires Informatique, went on strike on January 27, 2023 to protest CEO Yves Guillemot’s comments about the company’s crisis, which is being defined as catastrophic. The bottom line is that the manager is trying to shift the blame for the bad results the company has recorded … Read more

Petrol and diesel, government technical table finished. Strike threat remains: what we know

2/11 ©Ansa According to what has emerged, a public app could arrive to help motorists choose gas stations. The hypothesis would be on the table together with the introduction of a mechanism with the QR code, to overcome the crux of the obligation to display the average regional price in service stations. The app, in … Read more