If bitten, death is guaranteed within half an hour, six times stronger poison; Snakes stranded on the island

Snakes are found in most countries of the world. But an area inhabited by snakes all their own? There is such a thing. is an island. The name of this island is Ila da Quaimada Grande or Snake Island in Brazil. This exotic island with an area of ​​110 acres is about 120 km away … Read more

Stronger bones, brighter skin… 5 amazing health benefits of this green leaf

Spinach is one of the most nutritious leafy vegetables that has multiple uses in the kitchen, that is, it can be eaten in multiple forms, either cooked, green, or juice, in addition to scientifically proven health benefits. When consumed, the body gets 16% of the daily target of vitamin C, 25% of folic acid, 26% … Read more

China Economic Activity Slumps Further, November PMI Suggests Stronger Monetary Easing – Bloomberg

A government index measuring China’s manufacturing and non-manufacturing activity fell further in November. China’s central bank is expected to take further stimulus measures as the record-breaking coronavirus outbreak is likely to keep the economy in recession. The National Bureau of Statistics released the manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in November at 48, the lowest level … Read more

[겜ㅊㅊ] If you don’t know, you must die! 5 Survival Games That Make Newbies Stronger

※ [겜ㅊㅊ]is a corner that recommends games that gamers can enjoy according to a special theme every week. There is a saying, “If you don’t know, you must be right!” This word from the Tekken match commentary meant that if you didn’t know how to break a combo, you would have no choice but to … Read more

Jayson Tatum (37 points) and the Celtics stronger than Luka Doncic (42 points) and the Mavs

On paper, this duel between Boston et Dallas was mouth-watering, given the forces on both sides. In reality, however, we witnessed (on the whole) a one-sided game, with Celtics long time light years away Mavericks (125-112). Guided by a Jayson Tatum big nights (37 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists), the Massachusetts franchise honored its status … Read more

Stronger than an iPhone! Latest test results vivo X90 Pro+ with SS 8 Gen 2 chip scores higher than iPhone 14’s A15 Bionic chip!

The vivo X90 Series is set to be officially launched on November 22. Most of the information has come out completely. Both the design of the device, chipset or camera Previously, it was effectiveTest of vivo X90 Pro+ came out too But recently, there is a new test result from Geekbench that scores even higher, … Read more

Baker boss Hlavatý: Baked goods will continue to become more expensive. And Babiš get stronger

Small bakeries are already closing. The medium-sized ones are still holding on, waiting for cheaper energy, looking forward to spring and in the meantime paying for expensive energy. In the spring, poker will begin to be played about who will end up in the industry and who will survive. The market leader is Babišův Penam. … Read more

Dhipaya Insurance Shows profit in the third quarter, growing 253.40%, stronger than before

Dhipaya Insurance or TIP shows a profit in the third quarter of 470.05 million baht, growing 253.40% from the previous quarter. Ready to show premiums received for 9 months, reaching 22 billion baht, growing strongly in all product categories. Ready to continue to develop products and services Including joint sales channels with partners Support continued … Read more

Signs of Arsenal getting stronger in the Premier League

Jakarta – Arsenal closed the first half of the season with a win over Wolverhampton Wanderers. The win gave a five-point lead over Manchester City. Arsenal won 2-0 at Wolverhampton headquarters at Molineux, Sunday (11/13/2022) early morning WIB, in continued Premier League. A pair of goals from Martin Odegaard make sure The Gunners heading into … Read more