IN PICTURE. And suddenly 700-year-old grave floats through the air: “We were not allowed to put pressure on structure in any way” (Bruges)

©  mvn Brugge – A spectacle for the Church of Our Lady, where a fourteenth-century, painted burial vault was lifted from the ground and wheeled into the church. A daring feat, says city archaeologist Frederik Roelens. “There was no way to put pressure on the structure, which is very weak.” Koen Theuns Tuesday, January 11, … Read more

Astronomers found a giant cloud belt across the Milky Way | Hydrogen cloud belt | Largest celestial structure

[Epoch Times News on January 8, 2022](Compiled and reported by Epoch Times reporter Di Rui)astronomerFindMilky WayInside a hugeHydrogen Cloud Belt, Discovered so far in the Milky WayLargest celestial structureone. Although it is only a hydrogen cloud now, scientists believe that this may be a place where new stars will be born in the future. Milky … Read more

The Function of the Golgi Body is Complete with Its Structure and Formation Process

The Golgi apparatus is the name for the distinctive pouches present in almost all eukaryotic cells. The function of the golgi body very important and diverse. The name “golgi body” was first given by an Italian cytologist named Camillo Golgi. He was the first to describe this organelle in the late 19th century. Golgi body … Read more

Refinancing “Rabigh Water” will lead to an improvement in its capital structure

The international water and energy business, ACWA Power, said that the major refinancing of $125 million for the company Rabigh Arabian Water and Electricity “RAWIC”, will increase the financing costs of RAWIC. ACWA Power added, in a statement to the Saudi Tadawul, today, Monday, that the refinancing operation aims to improve the capital structure of … Read more

Saudi Arabia: The race between global energy transformations and efforts to change the structure of the economy

Ramy Rahim BBC Arabic December 25, 2021 picture released, Getty Images Have we entered the post-oil era? Have we reached that critical stage in which global demand for oil reaches its peak and then begins to decline irreversibly, causing countries that live off black gold to tremble? Climate change and promises of carbon neutrality and … Read more

Ferrari, new product structure: three top managers away

Maranello gives itself a new organizational structure, greeting Nicola Boari, Michael Leiters and Vincenzo Regazzoni from 10 January 2022 to make room for internal resources in the new course wanted by CEO Benedetto Vigna Ferrari changes. In fact, from 10 January, the Maranello-based company has given itself a new organizational structure in the product sector, … Read more

5 Functions of the Rod, Complete with its Structure and Properties – Each of the constituent parts in plant has an important function in its survival, including the stem. Anything stem function on plants? The stem not only serves as a support for the plant body. Stem function on plant can also serve as a reservoir for food supplies. Because, in general, the organs in … Read more

Soil Layer Structure and Its Distinctive Characteristics

The structure of the soil layer generally consists of 4 parts. You can distinguish between layers of soil vertically and its characteristics. Definition and Types of Soil Layer Structure Soil is the top part of the earth’s crust. Soil-forming structures come from rocks that have weathered and mixed with the remains of other organic materials. … Read more

PHOTO: They discover that a jet emitted by the first photographed black hole has a structure “similar to DNA” and expands to 3,300 light years

Published: 13 dic 2021 11:25 GMT The shape of the structure is unexpected for a phenomenon so far from a black hole, but it could be explained by Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities, the scientists note. One jet emitted from the center of the galaxy Messier 87 (M87) was captured and analyzed by an international team of astronomers, … Read more

Functions of Fruits in Plants and Other Structures

Illustration of a pomegranate tree. ©Shutterstock/Shchukin Igor – One of the functions of fruit in plants is to store food reserves. Each structure in plants certainly has a role and function of each. Plants are living things that play an important role in providing oxygen (O2) for humans, as well as various types of … Read more