Researchers file on applications for drug studies on the unconscious

For almost 20 years, there have been stops in Sweden for clinical drug trials with acutely ill unconscious patients who cannot make their own decision to participate. It has received a lot of criticism over the years because it has hindered research on, among other things, cardiac arrest and stroke. The halt in research has … Read more

Kanduri, Chandrasekhar – Long non-coding RNA molecules: Studies of their function and therapeutic applications.

Background The development of new cancer treatments, e.g. Immunotherapies have been very successful in recent times. However, many patients with advanced cancer do not respond to these treatments. Lung cancer is an example where about 70% of patients do not respond to immunotherapy. Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, is another example, where 50% of the high-risk … Read more

Martling, Anna Isabella – Individualized multidisciplinary diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of colorectal cancer patients – randomized, observational and epidemiological studies

Background Colorectal cancer affects approximately 6,800 people annually in Sweden. The treatment has improved, which has led to an increased survival, but still almost half of the patients suffer from difficult-to-treat relapses with a high risk of death. In the case of widespread disease, there are treatments that prolong survival, but which only in a … Read more

Using this technology, NASA studies monster black holes in the Milky Way

The Sagittarius A* is a tricky object to study because of the spots along its event horizon. Lubang Hitam. (NASA/Event Horizon Telescope collaboration et al.) – NASA planning to study black hole moster that is at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. For that, the American space agency Serikan has prepared a way. … Read more

Abstraction seen by Abdelkader Badou

In the era of the development of several new genres of photography (aerial, underwater or in 3 dimensions), requiring high-performance equipment, photographic or not, allowing to have a new vision of the world around us, the artist Moroccan painter and photographer Abdelkader Badou made his breakthrough, imposing his style. Badou is indeed one of the … Read more

This is what the black spots on the body of swimmers of the Italian national team are. Scientific studies: “They are useless”

The black circles that have appeared on the bodies of some have aroused more than a curiosity athletes of the Italian national team competing in the world championships in Budapest. He also exhibited them Gregorio Paltrinieri which, even in its polka dot version, he managed to conquer gold in the 1,500 freestyle updating the European … Read more

New studies show you how to behave with a child: what researchers have discovered

Scientists have been aware for some time that the experiences you have as a child play an important role in shaping the way your brain matures. For the past 15 years, a team of researchers has studied brain development children to identify what aspects of early life experiences affect brain maturation. In a recently published … Read more

Cancer vaccines (new studies)

A universal cancer vaccine? Despite what is frequently seen in the media and networks, there is no universal cancer vaccine. However, in recent years efforts have been focused and design mechanisms to empower our immune system to kill tumors and cancer cells. To achieve this, different strategies have been developed, such as immunotherapies who are … Read more

Idir, from local success to an international career

On May 2, 2020, the great Kabyle singer “Idir” passed away at the Paris hospital in Bichat at the age of 71. This news plunged the Amazigh world and its fans into inconsolable sadness because he was the champion of a culture and an age-old identity that he never stopped defending on all stages of … Read more

Le Forem updates the list of shortage professions: fifteen new functions, here are the studies that lead to them

The new list of professions in recruitment shortage published by Forem includes 141 positions this year, i.e. 15 more than the 2021 list. For 37 of these professions, 30% of workers are over 50. Since the beginning of the year, 40% of the positions advertised on the Forem site concern critical functions and shortage occupations. … Read more