Interest in blockchain and Web3 technology studies is growing rapidly in the world :: Dienas Bizness

Within six months, the Ukraine education initiative project organized by Binance has grown into an international blockchain technology and Web3 education project, which is joined by more and more countries and educational institutions around the world. The Web3 education initiative program was launched last June by the philanthropic group Binance Charity in cooperation with the … Read more

Investing in young people to fight upstream against terrorism

Today, it is clear that militant Islamist violence in the Sahel is accelerating faster than in any other region of Africa. After nearly a decade of conflict, violent events in the Sahel (specifically in Burkina Faso, Mali and western Niger) are on the rise, and with no signs of abating, with a 140% increase since … Read more

Flemish Foundation for Traffic Studies warns: “Phone in holder is also not safe”

Theme image — © Shutterstock A survey by the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Studies (VSV) shows that three out of ten Flemish motorists operate their mobile phone almost every journey while it is loose in the car. A larger group, one in three drivers, indicated that they are busy with their phone when the device … Read more

Chronology of the Outrageous Rp. 500 Trillion Poverty Budget Expended for Meetings at Hotels and Comparative Studies

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Budget news poverty Rp 500 trillion was only spent on hotels and the comparative study caused a stir. Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform or Menpan RB Abdullah Azwar Anas feels the need to provide clarification regarding the uproar of this news. Tempo retrace the breaking news budget poverty Rp. 500 … Read more

Study: A bulging diaphragm may make you weaker as you get older

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — If you are a man or woman nearing the age of fifty, look at your midsection. If you’re like many people, you’ll have to bend over your bulging waistline to see your feet. Yes, it’s the dreaded bulging diaphragm that increases as you get older, just like a receding … Read more

Appearance of three novelties in the next update

Also on the program, new options will allow parents to better supervise the activity of their children. This update is perceived as welcome for Meta environments, especially since it includes the integration of an “immersive” option in the “Do Not Disturb” function. As a reminder, the last interesting novelty, which saw the light of day … Read more

Beautiful tribute to Abdelkrim Bennani

The BNRM has chosen to honor one of the figures of the city of Rabat known for his humanitarian and voluntary action within the city. Abdelkrim Bennani has been at the head of several sustainable development projects which have contributed to the development of the capital, underlined the participants in the ceremony. The event in … Read more

Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS

Written by Saad Jafri Tuesday January 24, 2023 🚨 Ring #12: 🥊 Guest: Dr. Mohamed Zidouh, Councilor at the House of Councilors (2nd House of Parliament) 👉 Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Funding/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS 🥊 Round #1: Health Reform / What strategy for what benefit(s)? 🥊 Round #2: AMO / How does it … Read more

She looked rhinoceroses in the eye, won the prestigious league. But Kubová also manages her studies

Simona Kubová, née Baumrtová, has in her collection a bronze medal from the 100-meter breaststroke at the World Championships and a total of 11 precious metals from the European Championships. Even at the age of 31, she is still one of the top Czech swimmers and draws attention to herself on the international scene as … Read more

Home patient studies may make drug research more accessible and inclusive – News

Research According to De Jong, there are still many questions about conducting home studies. De Jong: “For example, it is unclear whether the data collected at home is as reliable as the data collected in the hospital. In addition, it is not known which patients would like to participate in a home study or prefer … Read more