The frequency of the new beIN Sports HD Sports 1 and 2 .. beIN News News events and analytical studios

The frequency of the new beIN Sports HD Sports 1 and 2 on the regular receiver and with high-quality hd technology that transmits the “Lebanon vs Algeria” matches, the “Egypt vs Sudan” match, and the final match for today “Saudi Arabia vs. Palestine” as well as the events of the Arab Cup 2021, and we … Read more

Xbox Game Studios: World’s Edge Has Several Secret And Transmedia Projects | Xbox one

The successful release of Age of Empires IV in October 2021 highlighted the work of the studio World’s Edge, directed by Shannon Loftis. This is one of the Xbox Game Studios and obviously will not stop there since other projects are underway. Even more strategy games on Xbox and PC? At the moment, World’s Edge … Read more

Keanu Reeves thinks it’s a huge honor to go to Marvel Studios

<!– –> Keanu Reeves During his interview, talks about the hopes of many fans that he has been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For a while it was rumored that he would be seen in Moon Knight, but now there are other stories. Reeves already has its own popular franchises: that of The Matrix … Read more

Rumor: Amazon Studios Close to Mass Effect TV Series Deal – Gaming – News

*** Slight spoilers but a very big spoiler in the third paragraph *** It’s very weird to complain about “woke” on a series like Wheel of Time. The books themselves were very “woke”, and certainly for their time. A lot of feminism, and even an attempt to bring a trans character into the books. Although … Read more

Robert Downey Jr influenced Marvel Studios more than we thought

Share0 Actor Robert Downey Jr greatly influenced all the actors who joined the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. The movie Iron Man (2008) was an immediate success that launched the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe and a few years later it has become the most successful saga in history. If that first film is distinguished for something, … Read more

Hawkeye has this super power in Marvel Studios

Marvel Movies Series Marvel Share0 Actor Jeremy Renner wanted to reveal what the true superpower of Hawkeye is within the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Hawk Eye / Clint Barton interpreted by Jeremy Renner He has no powers, he is only very skilled with the bow and in hand-to-hand fighting. Even so, within the Marvel Studios … Read more

“Forza Horizon 5” has become the first Xbox Game Studios work with the best performance

Playground Games/Xbox Game Studios Head of Microsoft Games Phil Spencer It was revealed a few days ago that the newly launched “Forza Motorsport: Horizon 5“(Forza Horizon 5) has become the first Xbox Game Studios work with the best results. More than 4.5 million players have played the new work so far, and the number of … Read more

Vive Studios, KBS Kiss the Universe Mars Exploration Equipment Made with AR

Vive Studios (CEO Kim Se-gyu), a metaverse content production company, presented a new broadcasting trend through realistic content by producing and presenting outer space that could not be visited directly in the KBS documentary show Kiss the Universe with AR. Kiss the Universe, which contains a cosmic epic from the dinosaur era to the future … Read more

Puneeth Rajkumar laid to rest with state honors at Kanteerava Studios | Farewell to Puneet Rajkumar, Appu rests with his father

The late Kannada superstar (Kannada Actor) Puneet Rajkumar’s (Puneeth Rajkumar) Cultural ceremonies (Funeral) Done. With full state honors (State Honour) Were cultural ceremonies. At Kandirava Studio next to his father Rajkumar’s Samadhi (Kanteerava Studios) Was the last resting place for Puneet. Tens of thousands of people, including film and political personalities, paid their last respects. … Read more