Irina Shayk in a dress with a stunning neckline appeared at the Versace show in Milan

Irina Shayk is one of the most famous models in the world. She has worked alongside Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell and other fashion stars. The Russian beauty lives in the USA, where she is raising her daughter Leia. She broke up with her beloved Bradley Cooper, but maintains friendly relations with him. Shayk regularly appears … Read more

Stunning NASA James Webb Telescope Image Reveals Neptune’s Minute Rings

When we imagine a world embraced by cosmic auras, we usually imagine Saturn. You could even argue that Saturn built his entire personality on those dazzling rings — and rightly so. It’s solid. Visible. Luxury even. But if you didn’t already know, I’m honored to tell you that Neptune also has rings. It is much … Read more

How to create a stunning work image for up to 200 euros: tips for representatives of several professions

“Stylish Autumn” is a project that aims to show how a perfect image can be created for a relatively small amount of money. How to dress for 200 euros? Because the sum of each image you’ll see below is exactly that. It can be a little less or a little more, but the main amount … Read more

Stunning Flock. The former athlete took beautiful pregnancy pictures

The successful Czech athlete Zuzana Hejnová ended her active career in the spring due to her pregnancy and began devoting her time to relaxation and travel. Now she showed off pictures from a special photo shoot on social networks, where she shows off her round belly. In May of this year, Zuzana Hejnová ended a … Read more

Blake Lively’s ‘baby bump’ in a stunning semi-transparent dress – New Woman

The red carpet of the Forbes Powerful Women Summit in New York was the stage for actress Blake Lively will tell the world her good news: the family has grown and she and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their fourth child. And what a way to announce it, because she wore a daring and tiny dress … Read more

Stunning unionists win and sign 6/6 in the Europa League (video)

Thanks to this second victory in a row, the troops of Karel Geraerts sign an unexpected 6/6 and now assert themselves as a group capable of competing against great European cars. Summary of the meeting Buoyed by its surprise victory at Union Berlin, Union Saint-Gilleoise receives Malmö with confidence. But excess or not, the troops … Read more

The Webb Telescope captured stunning images of the Orion Nebula

The James Webb Space Telescope takes pictures of the Orion Nebula Space telescope James Webb Continues to reveal incredible images of the universe. NASA’s most advanced telescopes, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency, Took the first pictures of the Orion Nebula, An international research team revealed yesterday that it had “fascinated” … Read more

Webb telescope captures ‘stunning’ images of the Orion Nebula

It is “a wall of dense gas and dust that resembles a huge winged creature, its jaws illuminated by a bright star as it rises through cosmic filaments,” the AFP news agency reported. So the space telescope James Webb captured the first images of the Orion Nebulawhich left astronomers “impressed”. The nebula is located in … Read more

The stunning Ukrainian counterattack was led by the general who organized the defense of Kyiv: who is he?

Belarusian opposition publication “Nasha niva” tells who this Ukrainian army commander is. “Today we finish liberating Balaklia, the first major city in our offensive. And I am sure that this is not the last place… Today we officially finish the cleaning of this city and raise our national flag”, O. Syrskis said during the ceremony. … Read more

Stunning image .. The “Spider” nebula appears on the lenses of “James Webb”

Contact – Editorial Team: The lenses of the James Webb Space Telescope have captured stunning images of the Tarantula Nebula, also known as the “Spider” nebula, a region of the universe where stars are born at a frantic and rapid pace. Providing these images contributes to enhancing scientific knowledge of star formation; And he used … Read more