Cinderella between vessels. Vladimir will become a stunning super yacht

When it is finished, it will have a place in the top ten biggest super yachts in the world. However, this is not the only attraction associated with the yacht called Project Y910. Unlike other similar vessels, the ship has a very unconventional past. You can say that she went through a “Cinderella” transformation. While … Read more

Officially announced: BioNTech’s stunning long-term results!

Developed in partnership with Pfizer BioNTechDeveloped using mRNA technology vaccineThe long-term results of the study on young people were announced. the explanation Ugur Sahin According to the results, it was announced that the vaccine was 100 percent effective on young people between the ages of 12-15. IMPRESSED ONE PERCENT PERCENT Within the scope of the … Read more

Perseverance Rover shoots stunning video of a helicopter flying over Mars

dexterity Helicopter Flying on Mars 4 September 2021.picture: NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU / MSSS (Gif: Gizmodo) Although creativity continues to break its own record as the first powered and controlled flying machine On other planets, we don’t have He has plenty of visual evidence of his exploits. There is telemetry data NASA scientists receive … Read more

A stunning find on the moon: 8 billion people would need a vital element

In October, the Australian Space Agency and NASA agreed to send an Australian-designed machine to the Rocks to collect rocks and extract oxygen for breathing as part of the Artemis program. Although The moon has an atmosphere, it is very rare and consists mainly of hydrogen, neon and argon, that is, it is completely unsuitable … Read more

Lady Gaga and her stunning arsenal of jewelry for the premiere of House of Gucci

5/6 This dress by Gucci was made up of about sheer black sequined gloves… a shine that the famous highlighted to the maximum, when wearing 7 jewels on top of the look, an innovative, bold touch … and ‘very Gaga’. Lady gaga wore 6 bangles: one model City Hardwear Link ,another model Atlas X, one … Read more

Today’s picture.. a stunning view of Karnak temples from the top after the end of the restorations of 48 rams

“The Seventh Day” obtained a distinctive picture of the Karnak temples, which monitors the completion of the team of workers in the restoration of 48 rams in the first courtyard of the Karnak temples, and the completion of special equipment for the floor of the restoration area of ​​19 rams on the northern side of … Read more

Tula Rodríguez sends an emotional message to Deyvis Orosco’s mother after stunning baby shower

Happy! During the broadcast of a show program broadcast in the afternoons, Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez were linked live to tell details of their pregnancy, this caused that Tula Rodriguez be encouraged to send a tender greeting to the mother of the popular ‘bombomcito de la cumbia’. “How beautiful, the truth, how beautiful the … Read more

The Gucci clan is here! Lady Gaga stirred the air with a stunning robe, Salma bet on gold – On the red carpet – Cocktail

Already the first trailers indicated that this would be one of the most anticipated films of the fall, Tuesday’s premiere in London and the crowded spaces around the cinema in central London corresponded to that. The creators introduced the new House of Gucci. Photo: SITA/AP, Vianney Le Caer Actress and singer Lady Gaga wore a … Read more

Called a Dumb Project, Deputy Anies Gives a Stunning Answer to Ferdinand Hutahaean

WE Online, Jakarta – Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, Ahmad Riza Patria, spoke about the criticism from the public regarding water absorption wells on sidewalks in the Jakarta area. Riza also gave a striking answer to the former Democrat Party politician, Ferdinand Hutahaean, who gave criticism via video about this. Through his Instagram account … Read more

Stunning details about the Ismailia serial killer.. He intended to kill 2 others!

New information surfaced about the horrific murder that took place in Ismailia Governorate, east of the country, last Monday. In the details was the accused Abdul Rahman Dabour On the same day, he intends to kill two owners of fish shops in the area, he was working for them and had a disagreement with them … Read more