A strange thing is strange .. a player enters a substitute and scores two deliberate goals in his own goal! (Video)

Hashmin Moussa deliberately scored two goals in his own net, during the match of his team, Inter Ales, against Ashanti Gold, in the Ghanaian Football League, in order to thwart an alleged plot to fix the results of matches. Hashemin did not start the match, but after entering the second half, he scored two goals … Read more

Sherbrooke substitute teacher arrested for sexual assault

Substitute teacher Arielle Leclerc-Fortin was formally charged with two counts in connection with crimes of a sexual nature committed against a teenager while she was in a position of authority on Tuesday. The 22-year-old, a substitute teacher at the Lighthouse International high school in Sherbrooke, Estrie, allegedly had sex with a student on three different … Read more

Spanish Academy dropout training with Persija, substitute for Marc Klok?

Instagram Mahir Radja reportedly trained with Persija Jakarta BOLASPORT.COM – Persija Jakarta continue to do training sessions to welcome League 1 2021 which will roll on Friday (9/7/2021). The team, nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers, finalized tactics and strategies at the National Youth Training Center (NYTC), Sawangan, Depok, West Java. During the training session, several new … Read more

Zaidul Akbar Recipe, Type of Sugar Substitute Sweetener that is Safe for Diabetics

Tribunjogja.com – Sugar as a sweetener is an intake that sufferers must be wary of Diabetes so that blood sugar levels not up. What are the sugar substitute sweeteners that are safe for sufferers? Diabetes? Here’s the recipe The Prophet’s Healthy Kick from dr Zaidul Akbar as a sugar substitute sweetener that is safe for … Read more

Strengthening Immune During a Pandemic, This is a Substitute for a Cheap Version of Vitamin D Supplements

IDXChannel – Vitamin D much needed in this time of pandemic because it can strengthen immunity and help strengthen muscles, fight inflammation, prevent diabetes. Apart from supplementThere are several ways to get vitamin D intake. Vitamin D requirements vary by age group. For children over one year of age, it is recommended to get more … Read more

Substitute Franco Morbidelli in the 2021 Dutch MotoGP, Garrett Gerloff: It won’t be easy : Okezone Sports

SHAFTS – Petronas Yamaha SRT assigns American racer Garrett Gerloff to replace Franco Morbidelli with a left knee injury. As a result, the Italian racer was absent at MotoGP Netherlands which took place at the Assen Circuit. Morbidelli discovered the injury after training on Tuesday, June 22, 2020 and is currently undergoing a medical check-up … Read more

Zhang Lu: There is a gap between the Italian substitute and the main player, Verrati has different ideas_Wales

Original title: Zhang Lu: There is a gap between Italy’s bench and the main force, Verrati has different ideas At 0 o’clock in the morning on June 21, Beijing time, the third round of Group A of the 2020 European Cup group match started. Italy had a 1-0 victory over Wales at the Olympic Stadium, … Read more

Massimiliano Allegri, Antonio Conte’s Strongest Substitute Candidate at Inter Milan

TWITTER.COM/FORZAJUVEEN Massimiliano Allegri while training Cagliari. BOLASPORT.COM – Massimiliano Allegri touted to be at the forefront to replace Antonio Conte as a coach Inter Milan. Future Antonio Conte was on the edge after he failed to carry Inter Milan Europa League champions 2019-2020. La Beneamata was defeated by Sevilla 2-3 in the Europa League final … Read more

Brunori, concerts at high altitude: “I play live, the virtual dimension is a substitute for existence”

The other day some guys who came from Bologna rang the doorbell of my house. San Fili is becoming the new Zocca. If he were a rapper he would be egotrip out of place, the comparison with Vasco and the pilgrimages in front of the house nobody can stand him. Self-irony in the mouth of … Read more

Lionel Messi is no longer the world’s best player, this figure is a substitute

TWITTER.COM/FCBARCELONA Lionel Messi celebrates the goal against Napoli in the 2019-2020 Champions League last 16 second leg match at the Camp Nou Stadium. BOLASPORT.COM – Legend Bayern Munich and the German national team, Lothar Matthaeus, claiming that the megastar Barcelona, Lionel Messi, no longer the best player in the world. Lothar Matthaeus expressed his belief … Read more