Very sudden, the eruption of this volcano in the Congo is a worrying fact

Last year, a volcano in the Congo erupted. But before that, he had given no sign to prevent the disaster. In other words, the eruption was very sudden. A phenomenon which, according to a recent study, would be as unusual as it is dangerous. A disturbing absence of signals Nyiragongo is a stratovolcano culminating at … Read more

Beware of sudden diabetes, weight loss and abdominal pain of unknown origin.

In Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital, which has been serving the people of the region since 2010, endoscopic ultrasound is performed for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Stating that there has been a significant increase in cancer cases compared to previous years, Gastroenterology Specialist Berat EbikHe pointed out that one of the most … Read more

Sudden Lights kick off the Billion Summer / Day tour

At the beginning of the evening, Zeļgis, the promising rapper of the new generation of Latvian hip-hop, took the stage. He performed with stage partner Mickeen performing his most popular songs. Sudden Lights have prepared several surprises for the concert tour, including new arrangements for several already well-known songs. The band’s musicians surprised by expanding … Read more

Andrea Riello died, sudden illness in the company for the Venetian entrepreneur

Riello was crushed by a sudden illness that hit him in the midst of daily activities in his company in Minerbe, in the province of Verona. IS Andrea Riello died, the entrepreneur from Veneto he died suddenly in the morning of today, Tuesday 13 September, while he was on the premises of his company, Riello … Read more

Beware of Sudden Headaches Can Be Symptoms of a Brain Bleeding Stroke, here are the signs

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Have you ever felt a stiff neck? This condition is usually felt in the neck to cause headaches. Although it looks trivial, a stiff neck can be a symptom of a brain bleeding stroke. Quoted from, Brain bleeding stroke is a potentially fatal health problem if not treated immediately. Baca: Beware of … Read more

Rich Sudden, This One Family Dismantling the Piggy Bank The Results Make Gazing

This One Family Dismantling the Piggy Bank The Results Are Stunning. Instagram @video_medsos ©2022 – Saving can be a moment that makes us always get surprises as well as happiness in the future. Like this one family. They have been known to save pennies for some time. Once it is full enough, the … Read more

The sudden return of Ismail Ahmed to Lebanon .. What is the reason? | sports

Suddenly, the star Ismail Ahmed, the former player of the Beirut Sports Club and the current Alexandrian Federation, returned to Beirut after sustaining a partial rupture of the right knee cartilage. The Egyptian player, who holds Lebanese citizenship, came to Beirut to perform the laparoscopic surgery in one of its hospitals, where a number of … Read more