More than 8000 Indonesian Children Suffer from Cancer Based on WHO Research

MORE out of 8,000 Indonesian children suffer from cancer, this was obtained based on research from the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer. They recorded that there were 8,677 Indonesian children aged 0-14 years who had cancer in 2020. This number is among the largest in Southeast Asia. Quoted from Republika, Pediatrician RSIY PDHI, … Read more

VIDEO ⟩ Girgenson and the “Sabres” already win their fifth in a row, while Blüger’s “Penguins” suffer a loss

The “Sabres” beat the Winnipeg “Jets” with a score of 3:2 (0:0, 2:0, 1:2), while the “Penguins” beat the “Penguins” with a score of 2:3 0:1, 1:0, 1:1, 0: 0, 1:2) recognized the superiority of the Washington “Capitals” in the postgame shots. The Latvians did not reach the results points. Girgenson spent 12 minutes and … Read more

‘Jang Dong-gun♥’ Go So-young, how much do you have to suffer… Controversial pre-blocking fake fur

[마이데일리 = 김나라 기자] Actress Ko So-young announced her current situation. On the 25th, Ko So-young uploaded a proof shot of an outing to the theater with her family. They went out to watch the movie ‘Avatar: Road of Water’, which recently surpassed 10 million viewers. The photo shows Ko So-young, a ‘mother’, walking affectionately … Read more

The misinformation of the list of 1,000 athletes who suffer adverse effects from COVID-19 vaccines

A web page called Real Science is dedicated to collecting and updating a athlete name list who have allegedly suffered cardiorespiratory arrest or died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines. The link between these alleged health problems and vaccines is made without providing evidence: in practically all cases the vaccination status of the athletes is not … Read more

Do you suffer from bloating and gas permanently? 5 tips to mitigate it

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Do you frequently suffer from bloating and gas? So, it may help to examine what you eat, what you should avoid, and what you consume. And the King Abdullah Medical City account shared a tweet on Twitter, in which it explained 5 ways that can help you relieve bloating … Read more

White meats and fish, if you suffer from this ailment are forbidden: you risk big

The consumption of white meat and fish is absolutely forbidden in the presence of a particular ailment. Otherwise, the risk can be really serious. The white meats and fish they are considered beneficial foods for health: it is no coincidence that many people include them in their food plan. However, it is good to know … Read more

Grapes, bananas and kiwis, if you suffer from this pathology you don’t even have to look at them: they put you in danger

Some people have to be very careful consuming grapes, bananas and kiwis as they can become particularly dangerous for their health: here’s what you need to know. Grapes, bananas and kiwis are particularly beneficial foods for health and for this reason their consumption is recommended by experts. They are very rich in beneficial substances and … Read more

Asylum seekers protest in Osdorp against slow asylum procedures: “We suffer because no one listens”

Asylum seekers held a protest this morning in the pouring rain at the Willinklaan asylum seekers’ center in Osdorp. Most of them do not have a residence permit and are therefore unable to work or attend education. Let alone get a house. Refugees coming to the Netherlands have to wait longer and longer for a … Read more

Attention to those who suffer from constipation! The intestines of those who eat it instantly work! Here are those foods

Many people are trying to cope with the problem of constipation. Now it is very easy to eliminate this problem. As soon as you consume the foods we will give you, your constipation problem will disappear. Here are all the details… Comforting foods for those suffering from constipation Approximately 14% of our people face the … Read more

These are the signs of the zodiac that suffer a DISAPPOINTMENT in love for Mercury Retrograde

According to astrology, Mercury Retrograde It is known as a period in which various changes in social ties can occur, especially since this movement directly affects the field of relationships and communication. Reason why we share the signs of zodiac what suffer a disappointment on land of amor during this month of January. Mercury Retrograde … Read more