Makes the dressing room tense, Gerard Pique suggests Man City let go of Pep Guardiola? : Okezone Ball

BARCELONA – Barcelona player Gerard Pique seems to give advice to Manchester City to let go of the coach Pep Guardiola when the contract expires. According to him, the departure of the architect from Calatians could have a better impact on The Citizen. Pep Guardiola himself still has a period of service at the Etihad … Read more

Breaking the news suggests that the Pokémon Legend: Arceus will be the most difficult work in the series #nintendo switch (165031)-Cool3c

According to the latest public outflow news, the upcoming “Pokemon Legend: Arceus” will become the most difficult work in the entire “Pokemon” series so far. Different from the previous style of the series, this latest extension will bring a thorough open world design and a new combat system to fans of the series, presenting an … Read more

Disappearance of Théo Hayez in Australia: GSM data suggests that the young Belgian was not alone

An Australian investigative program suggests that Theo Hayez, a young Belgian tourist who disappeared in the country in May 2019, was not alone the night he disappeared in Byron Bay. The program “Under Investigation”, broadcast Monday evening on Channel 9, highlights the research and deductions drawn by relatives of the young disappeared, a private detective, … Read more

VW is preparing an electric car for half a million. The ID.Life study suggests what it will look like

Volkswagen wants to launch a small electric car on the market in 2025, two years earlier than originally planned, which will cost approximately 20,000 euros, ie about half a million crowns. At the IAA Mobility in Munich, the German carmaker shows its prototype in the form of the ID.Life concept. The study offers a minimalist … Read more

A great tax status to start a job in short supply, suggests the UCM

The president of the Union of Middle Classes (UCM), Pierre-Frédéric Nyst, has his idea to attract candidates to jobs in short supply: halve the tax paid by the worker over the first five years, says t he Monday in La Libre. For this issue linked to the recovery and reconstruction of Wallonia, Mr. Nyst does … Read more

Jokowi’s NIK Leaks, Observer Suggests PeduliLindung application to be temporarily closed

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)’s Population Registration Number (NIK) and COVID-19 vaccination certificates are spreading on social media. Due to the incident, the government was asked to temporarily close the PeduliLindung application. Executive Director of the Indonesia ICT Institute Heru Sutadi said the PeduliLindung application must be temporarily closed until the system is repaired. … Read more

Astrophysics Suggests a New Place for Planet Nine to Hide

Five years ago, two astronomers to announce They have found evidence of another planet in our solar system called “Planet X”. Though it’s now called Planet Nine, the cosmic body — much larger than Earth and lurking somewhere in the outer reaches of the solar system — is still largely theoretical, though the pair themselves … Read more

Astrophysics suggests a new place for planet nine to hide

Five years ago, two astronomers ads They found evidence of another planet in our solar system called “Planet X”. Although it is now called Planet Nine, the cosmic body – much larger than Earth and hidden somewhere in the far reaches of the solar system – is still largely theoretical, although the pair themselves have … Read more

Coronavirus vaccines reduce risk of long-term symptoms, research suggests

Getty Images According to a study by King’s College London, being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 reduces the risk of contracting the virus as well as the risk of ‘prolonged Covid’. The results of the research reveal that the likelihood of symptoms lasting more than four weeks in people who catch Covid-19 despite receiving two doses … Read more

Stephanie Cayo confirms that she separated from Chad Campbell and suggests why

In her publication, the Peruvian artist referred in very good terms to her ex-partner and He confessed that the break occurred at the beginning of 2021, but had not dared to tell about it. “At the beginning of this year we decided to separate and only now have we decided to talk about it. No … Read more