Mortada Mansour on the return of Sassi and the renewal of Laban Sharqi: Am I Superman?

books : Mouhammad majdy Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, confirmed that he returned to his position by a court ruling until the end of the elections in the club. Mortada Mansour denounced, during a press conference held this evening, Wednesday, what was circulated about the issue of his return … Read more

the Smas Bros type game in which Batman and Arya fight

Image: Warner Bros Games. Have you ever thought who would win in a hand-to-hand combat between Bugs Bunny and Arya Stark? And what about a fight between Batman and Tom and Jerry? No, we hadn’t asked ourselves those questions either, but anyway, now we can know the answer thanks to the new Warner Bros. game. … Read more

Can Superman and Wonder Woman defeat Black Adam?

This was confirmed by the producer of Black Adam. According to him, neither Superman nor Wonder Woman could defeat the character of Dwayne Johnson alone. Black Adam, Superman and Wonder Woman are three very important characters within DC Comics. But who is the strongest of the three? Although it is a very difficult question to … Read more

Zhao Ting said that “Superman: Man of Steel” inspired “Eternal Race” a lot-Disney-Marvel Marvel Studio

Recently, Zhao Ting, the director of Marvel’s new film “The Eternal Race”, said in an interview that the superman played by Henry Cavill in Zha’s “Superman: Man of Steel” gave her the greatest inspiration for the hero of “The Eternal Race”.The first rotten masterpiece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The Eternal Family”, has been released … Read more

Michael B. Jordan produces the episode “Black Superman Far Zod” for HBO Max_TOM Entertainment

According to foreign media reports, Michael B. Jordan and his production company Outlier Society developed for HBO Max“Black Superman Far Zod”It is a limited series that will revolve around the black superman “Val-Zod” (Val-Zod) of Earth 2 in the comics. Jordan will be the producer of “Black Superman Far Zod”, but he is not sure … Read more

Former baseball player Kim Tae-gyun appeared on ‘The Return of Superman’ with his two daughters

KBSHarin and Hyorin. Kim Tae-gyun, a former baseball player who had a retirement ceremony last May, revealed his family for the first time. Kim Tae-gyun appeared on the KBS entertainment program ‘The Return of Superman’, which aired on the 24th. Kim Tae-gyun married sports announcer Kim Seok-ryu in 2010. Since it was a meeting between … Read more

The Eternals, the new clip confirms: Superman also exists in the MCU!

Rivals yes, but without ever forgetting mutual respect: DC and Marvel are nothing but two sides of the same coin, different faces of an entertainment sector that cannot be reduced to a monopoly. We might as well take note of the existence and value of competition, as happens in the last clip de The Eternals. … Read more

Footnote: Bisexual Superman? A corporate attraction that has passed

Not a week goes by so that the excited discussion in the media and on social networks does not start only on the basis of a provocative headline. The last time this happened was over information that the comic book Superman would be bisexual from now on. Even in this case, however, it quickly became … Read more