Walmart will close all its supermarkets on Children’s Day at 2:00 p.m.

The supermarket chain Walmart Chile announced that On Sunday, August 8, venues across the country will close their doors at 2:00 p.m. so that workers and officials can celebrate Children’s Day with their respective families. Despite the pandemic, we want children to continue playing. So this #Children’s Day our supermarkets #Leader, #ExpressDeLider, #SuperBodegaaCuenta Y #CentralMayorista … Read more

Covid certificates to enter cafes, restaurants and supermarkets

The proposal presented to the Government for the next phase of deconfinement ends measures differentiated by county, time restrictions on any day of the week and advances with the generalization of covid certificates in access to all public spaces, from events to shows, restaurants and cafes but also gyms and supermarkets. And at least until … Read more

Italian ‘horror cheeses’ in Dutch and Belgian supermarkets / News

Shocking undercover footage from animal rights organization Essere Animali shows how newborn calves are mistreated. The milk from this dairy farm is used for Grana Padano cheese. The cheeses are for sale at Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Delhaize, among others. Kristel Grond, campaign leader Stop the slaughter calls on the supermarkets: “Get the Grana Padano … Read more

Self-isolation of employees leads to empty shelves in British supermarkets

‘Ping!’ A record number of Britons received a message on their phones from the British health service NHS last week. It turns out that they have been in contact with someone with corona. In total, 600,000 residents of England and Wales were advised to go into quarantine. In addition to a pandemic, British media are … Read more

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo wants to double the number of its stores in Belgium by the end of the year

Posted on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 13:34 Through Sudinfo with Belga The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo wants to have “twenty stores” in Belgium by the end of the year, she announced Tuesday when announcing its half-yearly figures. The brand thus wishes to almost double the number of its brands in the country. Jumbo’s ambition … Read more

What is the price of rapid tests sold in supermarkets?

Since yesterday it is legally possible to buy a quick test for COVID-19 in a supermarket or hypermarket. The so-called self-tests were already sold in pharmacies, although there is not much availability since they have been in great demand by the Portuguese. But how much do the quick tests sold in supermarkets cost? The TRAg … Read more

Supermarkets go to ‘anything goes’ to encourage sales and ward off difficulties – Economy

After the boom in sales registered by supermarkets last year, today the sector faces a different business environment. Inflation and unemployment on the rise, reduction of emergency aid and the gradual reopening of other businesses, such as restaurants, caused a sharp drop in sales. To try to turn the tables, anything goes. From traditional discounts … Read more

More than 100 local supermarkets already use the Santa Fe Wallet application

The program also is present in at least 50 warehouses, farms and supermarkets of the 120 members of Fair Prices in Rosario. “Today only five partners consulted us. It is necessary to break the resistance of the bolicheros that did not know if the system was safe, if the payments arrived. I particularly sell a … Read more

Hacker attack on supermarket chain investigated

A computer attack on Saturday forced the temporary closure of all the stores of the largest supermarket chain in Sweden, Coop. The Swedish government described the attack as “very dangerous” while investigating the exact causes of the incident. The supermarket chain is not seen as the target of the attack. It could be related to … Read more

Transport Online – ‘Empty shelves threaten in British supermarkets due to driver shortage’

LONDON — In the United Kingdom, supermarket shelves are at risk of emptying this summer due to a shortage of truck drivers. Several British trade associations warn against this. According to them, there are more than 100,000 drivers too few. The problems are said to have been caused by a combination of Brexit and the … Read more