Inflation: Co2 “up to 7 times more expensive”. And in Turin there is a lack of mineral water in supermarkets

On the market there is a shortage ofcarbon dioxide, and this is reflected on the supermarket shelves. The water with bubbles is selling like hot cakes, its production has been reduced, and by now the shelves in charge are almost empty. He brings it back Republic of Turin: says that al Pam local of Corso … Read more

Here are the best-selling products in supermarkets in 2022

The data analysis specialist NielsenIQ studied the turnover achieved by the brands in the brands of grande distribution. He thus established a classification of the products most purchased by the French during the first six months of 2022. And the results are sometimes amazing ! The references that seduce the French are, moreover, very diversified. … Read more

arrests and kidnappings, illegal funds for the opening of two supermarkets in the Pescara area

Preventive seizures by the Dia (Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate) and by the financial police also in Abruzzo, as well as in Lombardy, Lazio and Calabria, for a total value of 32 million euros in addition to the application of precautionary measures issued against 12 people ( 8 in prison and 4 under house arrest) seriously suspected, … Read more

Catering, shops and supermarkets are waiting for government for new corona plans | NOW

Several sectors in our country are not planning to take hard measures for the time being if the number of corona infections rises sharply in the autumn. Supermarkets, retailers and the catering industry are mainly waiting for advice from the government, according to a tour. “Companies should benefit from the knowledge they have gained in … Read more

the case that baffles Italy – Libero Quotidiano

<!– –> Marco Gregoretti July 24, 2022 For now, the statistics are empirical. But the evidence is all there. Just take a tour of the supermarkets of the big chains. Which, precisely because the phenomenon is growing, are asking please not to be mentioned. However, if the controls and external security personnel with specific preparation … Read more

Supermarkets notice, 5 products to be returned immediately: the discovery

The Ministry of Health, with a note on its website, announced the recall of five supermarket products Aisle of a supermarket (Adobe Photo) When shopping, you have to pay close attention to products that you decide to buy. In fact, he can understand that he is buying food only because he is intrigued by the … Read more

First in Belgium: Molenbeek creates a tax of 5,600 euros on automatic checkouts in supermarkets

The municipal council of Molenbeek Saint-Jean has approved the introduction of a tax on automated checkouts. It will amount to 5,600 euros in 2022 per automatic pay station. This is a first in Belgium. An automatic cash register is a device that ensures the process of taking charge of the goods by the customer himself … Read more

Contaminated ice cream, new take-out from supermarkets: it hurts your lungs

Who can’t give up a good ice cream in the summer? Still, the beloved cold dessert could be tainted and dangerous to health. Let’s see why. Withdrawn ice cream – Contaminated batches of ice cream have been found that would even be harmful to our lungs. Contaminated ice cream: how to run for cover … Read more

Belluno, in via Vecellio arrives Aldi: eight supermarkets in three kilometers

The lawn in via Tiziano Vecellio where the urbanization works for a new supermarket are about to start The large-scale retail giant will build on the lawn adjacent to the Unieuro Alessia Forzin 08 July 2022 BELLUNO. State road 50 confirms itself as the “street of supermarkets”. There are currently six in the approximately three … Read more