Buy 200 Assault Rifles Made by Pindad, Minister Edhy is ready to pour out Rp. 7 billion

JAKARTA, – Minister of Marine and Fishery Edhy Prabowo plans to spend Rp 7 billion to bring 200 weapons Rifle Assault 2 (SS2) made by Pindad. Weapons SS2 with a price of around Rp 35 million / unit is equipped with a ownership license. Later, weapons will be given to supervisor fishery under the … Read more

The head of the Hydrometeorological Center warned of dangerous weather events in Russia :: Society :: RBC

Heavy rains, hail, gale and slight cooling are expected in the center of the Urals, as well as in several regions of Siberia. This was reported RIA Novosti Scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Wilfand. According to the weather forecaster, adverse conditions during the passage of the frontal section will be observed in the … Read more

For three persons involved in the death of the head of Total, they requested a real timeline :: Society :: RBC

Unidget Dassault Falcon 50EX suffered crash at the Moscow Vnukovo airport in the fall of 2014. During takeoff, he crashed into a snowplow, which erroneously drove onto the runway. In the cabin were the head of Total, Christophe de Margerie, and three crew members, including a French flight attendant. They all died. The investigation concluded … Read more

The banking supervisor imposes a fine of 0.9 million euros on Signet Bank / Article /

The Council of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) has imposed a fine of 906,610 euros on Signet Bank for violations of the requirements of the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist and anti-proliferation financing (NILLTPFN) regulations, the FCMC informed. The Bank has a number of legal obligations, including the submission to the FCMC of an … Read more

The web discusses the beautiful daughter of Abdulov burned out of cancer

Alexandra Abdulova He died when his daughter Eugenia was only a year old: the 54-year-old actor burned out from cancer. The girl from childhood grew up in an artistic environment, the second wife of the artist Julia gave her to study at a theater studio. Recently, 13-year-old Zhenya has grown a lot and is slowly … Read more

Asymptomatic carriers, scientists called the “coronavirus vaccine”

Collective immunization takes place at the expense of these people. Up to 50 percent of infected people carry the virus without symptomsPhoto: REUTERS Resize text:AA Asymptomatic coronavirus carriers do what the vaccine should do. So says the Head of the department of interferons and the laboratory of interferonogenesis at the National Research Center for Epidemiology … Read more

Inconvenient manufacturer questions about the new Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai’s Product Planning Manager answered questions. First, an important question was asked about the problems with the catalysts in Solaris. The head said about this that there are still questions related to fuel quality. Since 2018, they have been engaged in the correction of this task without publicity. Now, instead of the old, they put … Read more