Microsoft Will Revoke Windows 8.1 Support Early Next Year

Jakarta – Current user Windows 8.1 may be counted on the fingers. But for loyal Windows 8.1 users, Microsoft announced that the operating system will be discontinued on January 10, 2023. So that users don’t forget, Microsoft will provide notifications to devices that are still running Windows 8.1. The first notification will be given in … Read more

Microsoft announces end of support for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for January 2023, Windows 10 for October 14, 2025

The pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China were built to last forever. Computer hardware and software? Not really. According to StatCounter, Windows 8 and 8.1 still make up about 4.3% of the Windows install base worldwide, however, Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for January 2023. … Read more

Video – He punched him in the head and surrendered

The Russian Anatoly Tokov punched the head of his American rival, Muhammad Abdullah, which prompted the referee to end the first round of the fight that brought together fighters yesterday (Saturday) in the “Bellator 282” mixed martial arts championship, in Montville, Connecticut, USA. Anatoly Tokov, 32, scored his seventh consecutive victory in the Bellator Championships … Read more

The cycling legend is threatened with two and a half years in prison because of his wife!!

Mario Cipollini, one of the greatest stars in cycling history, is going through complicated moments as he faces a possible sentence of more than two years in prison, after his ex-wife accused him of assault and intimidation. The verdict in the case is expected on July 13. Cipollini was known to be accused of abusing … Read more

28 years ago – OJ Simpson’s case is open and demands to pay $96 million!!

The Goldmans will never allow the blood of their son, Ron, and Nicole Brown, OJ Simpson’s ex-wife, to go to waste in the infamous murder, both of which were brutally stabbed to death on June 12, 1994. However, OJ Simpson, a former NFL player and US media star, was found “not guilty” of the crime, … Read more

Major US companies support staff after abortion ruling

States can now legislate on this themselves. Some states will prohibit abortion entirely or only allow abortion in cases involving rape, incest or endangering the mother’s life. Different rules in each state Companies are now standing up for their employees, should they at any time be confronted with this new legislation. Apple, Facebook parent Meta … Read more

China Wholesale Russian Oil, Moscow Loss Reduced Page all

Author: VOA Indonesia BEIJING, – China has increased imports oil raw from Russia in May, according to customs data released on Monday (20/6/2022). The move helped offset losses suffered by Russia due to reduced purchases from a number of Western countries that imposed sanctions over the country’s invasion of Ukraine. The surge means Russia … Read more

He wants to marry Shakira: “I’m ready to marry you right now and support you”

Shakira. Foto: Jason Merritt / Getty Images A few weeks ago the separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique after almost 12 years of relationship and two children in common. From that moment on, the rumors that point to an alleged infidelity on the part of the footballer have multiplied to the point of relating him … Read more