Tesla rejects €1.1 billion of German government support

Tesla has its Gigafactory in Germany ready to produce the new Model Y, making this location the production point for Europe. As such, the company has a high profile and importance in the country, being covered by various supports. Showing a radical and unique position, Tesla revealed that it will give up 1.1 billion euros … Read more

A supporter travels 350 kilometers to support FC Arlon every weekend

Citizen of Manage in Hainaut, Roland Desinte is a fervent supporter of Arlon. Do you know a lot of the 71-year-old guys who would be able to cross a good part of Belgium to see a football match deep in the province of Luxembourg? No / And yet, that’s what Roland Desinte regularly does. Citizen … Read more

– The world should support South Africa – VG

QUEUE: Several countries have introduced travel refusals after the new virus variant was discovered in South Africa. Pictured is a queue at Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Foto: Jerome Delay / AP The world is tightening its entry restrictions and isolating itself from South Africa. It makes more people in the country react. Published: Just … Read more

Sara Boruc-Mannei about the relationship with Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna: I support her

Once upon a time it was loud that Sara Boruc-Mannei and Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna were friends. Both ladies even posed together on the cover of the magazine. Then, in turn, the media wrote about the alleged conflict of these two stars. “We had a more Instagram-like contact for some time. We left some comments about kids … Read more

Pamela Jiles Humanist Party Announces Support for Gabriel Boric’s Candidacy | National

The Humanist Party (PH) deputy Pamela Jiles, gave her support to the presidential candidacy of Gabriel Boric, after a national consultation with its bases. “Boric defends the constitutional convention, the anti-humanism candidate does not,” they indicated. Through a communicated in their official accounts on social networks, The party reported that after a national consultation with … Read more

Hong Xiuzhu’s beauty has become the “best plastic model”. The old photos of lying in bed without makeup are exposed: I want to support the “column” | Entertainment | CTWANT

South Korean amateur model Hong Xiuzhu (also translated as Hong Xiuzhu), because of the exquisite features and beautiful features, is recognized by many netizens. She beat a bunch of online female celebrities and also earned her the reputation of “Best Plastic Model”. Recently, Hong Xiuzhu attended the press conference of the new drama “Be;twin”. Netizens … Read more

The keys to the support that RN gave to José Antonio Kast | National

RN proclaimed Jose Antonio Kast as presidential candidate for the December 19 ballot, and gave him a document with eight axes to be considered in the new government program. Europe, meanwhile, he justified his support for the leader of the extreme right, stating that he seeks to prevent the arrival of the Communist Party to … Read more

Adriano Castillo, the “Compadre Moncho” and “President in Charge”, confirms support for Gabriel Boric

Through a series of messages, the actor and councilor of Quinta Normal Adriano Castillo, known as “Compadre Moncho”, gave his support to the presidential candidate Gabriel Boric for the second round. The popular actor explained that “evaluating political decisions solely in light of honor or hurt ego is a mistake” and he said that between … Read more

Passos denounces his false appeals to vote in Rio and says he will not show support for anyone – Observer

Former prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho denounced this Thursday the existence of false pages on Facebook in which he would appeal to the vote for Rui Rio directly in the PSD, assuring that he will not publicly express support for any candidate. “I was alerted this afternoon to a Facebook page that is supposedly attributed … Read more

The first external charger to support Apple Watch fast charging

Apple Watch has acquired a new charging technology that allows the watch to charge faster than the older generations, and it is exclusive to it. This technology was exclusive to Apple’s self-developed chargers, as third-party companies had not yet supported this technology. But that has changed with the new Belkin charger that supports charging three … Read more