‘Violent confrontation between Feyenoord and Ajax supporters for the cup final’

Supporters violence, a few hours before the kick-off of the cup final. In Delft a confrontation has arisen between supporters of Ajax, Feyenoord and possibly also ADO Den Haag. According to the local Newspaper 070 supporter groups of Ajax and Feyenoord have come to blows. About 200 to 300 supporters of Feyenoord had gathered in … Read more

Bruges: household appliances instead of supporters to raise awareness about recycling

This afternoon, household appliances replaced the supporters in the Bruges club stadium. A symbolic action to invite consumers to recycle their devices. It is estimated that 9 million electrical objects collect dust in Belgian households. Fans are not allowed in the stands of the Club Brugge stadium due to health measures. This Sunday afternoon, old … Read more

PSV website overloaded by stampede on tickets for corona test match

PSV fans who wanted to get a ticket for the PSV – FC Groningen match on Saturday, April 24, had to have a lot of patience on Thursday morning. The website of the PSV Ticketshop was overloaded and the sale of the tickets for the corona test match that started at nine o’clock soon came … Read more

How the shy Sophie, Countess of Wessex, became one of the Queen of England’s strongest supporters

She is the most discreet member of the royal family. Since the death of Prince Philip, she has surprisingly become the official messenger. Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, and wife of Prince Edward explained in front of cameras what was rightly too painful for Her Majesty to convey just 48 hours after the death of … Read more

Junta supporters have taken control of the Myanmar embassy in London

Myanmar Diplomats loyal to the junta have taken control of the Myanmar embassy in London, denying access to the mission building to Ambassador Kyav Zvar Minn, who has demanded the release of coup head-down government leader Auna San Suu Kyi. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Control of the embassy through a “coup type” … Read more

Supporters of Alexei Navaln were detained in a correctional colony

The detainees include Anastasia Vasilyeva, Navaln’s personal doctor and head of the doctors’ alliance criticizing the government, according to the union and AFP journalists at the scene. In addition, one CNN journalist was arrested. Police in the Vladimir region, where the correctional colony is located, have reported that nine people have been detained for breaches … Read more

Big scandal in France: PSG supporters deploy a banner in front of a resistance monument (photo)

A group of PSG ultras is at the center of criticism. At issue: the deployment of a banner supporting the club in front of Mont Valérien, a well-known WWII Memorial. All two days away from a match against Bayern Munich. PSG supporters will undoubtedly fall from their chairs. A group of ultras, Paname Rebirth, yesterday … Read more

The half scam with which Trump got millions of dollars from his supporters

An investigation of the New York Times he recounted a half scam with which in the last months before the election Donald Trump’s electoral committee had managed to raise funding from his donors, who were deceived into making their donations only one became recurring donations. This system, based on a ploy and very opaque communication, … Read more

Why was Dejan Antonic asked to resign even though PSS Sleman won?

INDOSPORT.COM – PSS Sleman finally won its first victory in the Menpora Cup, however Dejan Antonic asked to resign, why? PSS Sleman finally opened the opportunity to qualify for the last 8 of the Menpora Cup after getting his first victory. PSS Sleman is known to have defeated Persik Kediri through a single goal scored … Read more