Tragedy on Christmas Eve: surfer killed by shark in California

The news comes from California, precisely from Morro Bay . A 31-year-old surfer was found dead at sea around 10.40 on Christmas Eve, December 24th, after the bite of a shark : the intervention of another person present in the water at the same time was useless. The event has thrown the whole community of … Read more

UNUSUAL about the film Super Mario: this web surfer was more than a year ahead of everyone else for the casting!

the Nintendo Direct September 24 has in store for us some surprises. Among those a big point was made on the film Super Mario in collaboration with Illumination Entertainment. Thus, Chris Pratt was appointed as the vocal performer of the Savior of Peach. Charles Martinet will therefore not be the voice of the now cult … Read more

“From tonight, start walking around naked”; Emma Lohoues tackles a surfer

With Emma Lohoues, there is no question of mentioning the quote “vanity of vanities”. The diva has reframed a user who wanted to play the moralizing. Indeed, Emma Lohoues published a video in which she showed her entire range of classy shoes and bags. She was even spoiled for choice. While netizens commented congratulating the … Read more

He learned polystyrene from fish and survived the assault. The incredible golden story of surfer Ferreira – ČT sport – Czech Television

He probably envies his current life everywhere. A darling of millions of fans who has a lot of money, real estate, cars, a beautiful partner, travels around the world. He just lives his dream, which culminated in the premiere of surfing at the Olympic Games. Still in the waves on Tsurigasaki Beach, where the competition … Read more

Surfer missing in Gaia and six people rescued in Vila do Conde

JN / Agencies Today at 14:09 Six people pre-drowning in the sea were rescued alive today in Vila do Conde, Porto district, while in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the same district, searches are being made to find a missing surfer. Fonte dos Firefighters said that the people rescued from the sea in Vila do … Read more