Willing to Donate His Kidneys to Prospective In-laws, After Surgery, This Man Was Dumped, His Girlfriend Married Another Man

Sosok.ID – Like milk in return for tubal water, this man’s fate is so unfortunate. He kindly wants donorkan kidney organ for the mother beloved. But what he got from his lover was heartbreaking. Launching from the Daily Star, a man named Uziel Martínez went viral after revealing the bad things that happened to his … Read more

Costa spoke for the first time after undergoing emergency surgery

Costa, one of the most recognized comedians in Argentina, worried everyone last Tuesday after they had to hospitalize her and operate urgently due to gallstones while in season Mar del Plata. Fortunately, he was able to recover quickly and returned to the stage much sooner than expected. “I’m recovered and alive. I went to the … Read more

“It doesn’t cost a penny” to seduce 9 million won cataract surgery… Hospitals caught by the IRS

“You haven’t had cataract surgery yet. Do you have any insurance? It’s a simple surgery, so get it this time. Some hospitals that induced cataract surgery in this way, fraudulent insurance and tax evasion were caught. Cataract is one of the main culprits in loss of life insurance. More than 1 trillion won a year … Read more

Balloon Pintusuda explains the delay in surgery on more leaky heart valves, warding off fear of death! – Live news

Actress Balloon Pintusuda explains the reason for more surgery time for leaky heart valves, warding off fear of death! Hopefully, medical technology will make it easier. Follow the news, press follow, live news make a fan I can’t help but worry and ask each other to come in. After hearing the news of the pioneering … Read more

Come on, Superfantastic Surgeon99’s Sultan Bus Surgery

loading… The Sultan Juragan99 bus was made by bodybuilder Adi Putro and coachbuilder from Bogor, Baze. Photo/Screen Capture Instagram Baze. JAKARTA – Gilang Widya Pramana or skipper99 has a new bus fleet called Bus Sultan for his transportation business, Juragan99 Trans. The bus is called Bus Sultan because it has very luxurious equipment. It can … Read more

US surgeons transplant pig heart to man during historic operation Business

The so-called historic operation took place on Friday, a report from the University of Maryland School of Medicine on Monday said. Although the prognosis of the patient’s condition is far from clear, this procedure marks an important achievement in attempts to transplant animal organs into humans. Patient David Bennett was found unfit to receive a … Read more

Seda Sayan, who turned into a Barbie doll with her plastic surgery, gave up on her decision! Luxury villa with Bosphorus view…

Seda Sayan, who has made a name for herself with the filters she has applied to her photographs, as well as the plastic surgeries she has had recently, has given up on her decision about the Bosphorus view villa she bought from Büyükdere last year. Seda Sayan, who has been meeting with her fans both … Read more

Gastric sleeve surgery helps reduce diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure

Obesity surgical procedures alone losing weightStating that he did not provide this, Dr. Faculty Member İlhan Taşdöven, “The patient should maintain his will to lose weight after the operation and his determination to follow the doctor’s recommendations. Gastric sleeve surgery The post-operative weight loss process may differ according to factors such as the patient’s age, … Read more

Ebelin Ortiz cried when she revealed that she would undergo surgery to remove her uterus

Ebelin Ortiz told on Instagram that the uterus will be removed. (Photo: Instagram) The actress Ebelin Ortiz You are going through one of the most difficult moments of your life after undergoing a hysterectomy, surgery that consists of the removal of the uterus, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. The Afro-Peruvian music singer decided to carry … Read more