Tvrdík: Sparta should have had six more points, some of the referees’ performances against them are surprising! What did the clubs decide to collaborate on?

Source: AC Sparta Prague The Portuguese team led by the star Cristiano Ronaldo is another first-hand experience that awaits Czech fans in the elite group of the League of Nations. Mutual duels were always carried out in a fighting spirit and are permanently recorded in the chronicles of both representatives. The gems that were born … Read more

Patrice Godin reveals himself during a surprising photo shoot

Actor and author Patrice Godin took everyone by surprise and shared a series of amazing photos on his Instagram account. • Read also: Patrice Godin is recovering • Read also: Patrice Godin finally finds his biological sister and shares a superb photo with her Indeed, it was not later than Wednesday that the actor highlighted … Read more

Babiš’s surprising strategy. Why did the head of ANO bet on the defendant Nagy at the end of the campaign?

The current chairman of the upper chamber of the Parliament, Miloš Vystrčil (ODS), has been a senator for Jihlavsko since 2010. Nevertheless, Andrej Babiš and his shadow ministers chose this district for the finale of their campaign, in which the former prime minister holds rallies in front of his motorhome. This time also with Jana … Read more

‘Protest on Budget Day unusual, but not surprising due to polarization’

ANP NOS News•Tuesday, 18:39 Boos and protesters who raise their middle fingers and shout “traitor” towards King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Amalia. The demonstration at the driving tour and the balcony scene was unique for Prinsjesdag, but in view of the polarization in society not a surprise to everyone. The inverted Dutch flags and … Read more

The new PS5 is coming? Sony is to decide on a surprising move

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> From time to time we get specifics about the next PS5 revisions, but Sony is to work on a completely refreshed console. The corporation reportedly opted for a detachable drive – the device is to be revealed next year. Sony is still working on improving the capabilities of the PS5 and preparing more polished … Read more

Leaks like the one from GTA 6 are surprising, but the one from Half-Life 2 cost Valve millions, and is an example of how harmful they are

These days, it’s impossible not to talk about the tremendous leak what Rockstar has suffered. With a very early version of GTA 6 making the rounds on the internet, it might be cool to see the game we’ve all been waiting for in an early state for satisfy our curiosity. But as cool as that … Read more

The surprising tastemaker of ‘Chantal’: “Playing a hero? There is nothing to it”

© © VRT – NyklyN He is not a new face on television. Yet Dries Heyneman (42) as ‘sheriff’ Rik Cloedt is the surprising tastemaker of the new Sunday evening series. Chantal. ‘A kind of police series’, as it appears. “I like to play figures with an angle, a hero is not very interesting to … Read more

A wave of inflation swept the American South. There are surprising reasons for this

It’s boiling again in the American South. This time, the reason is not race riots or a collapsing real estate market, but inflation. In the southern states, this is significantly above the average of the US countries. There are several reasons, including worse public transport infrastructure. The cities of the so-called “southern belt”, i.e. from … Read more