Piotr Głowacki with his wife at the premiere. They focused on surprising stylizations

This is how they dressed for a ceremonial show. They stood out from the crowd The premiere of “Detective Bruno” took place on May 24. It attracted a large number of stars who posed on the wall, presenting a whole range of different styles. While most opted for classic elegance, the actor who plays one … Read more

He won the “Chance for Success”. Rydzyk’s media took the floor. The reason is surprising – o2

The final episode of the popular program was broadcast “live” on May 22nd. 11 singers fought in the decisive installment of “Chance for Success. Opole 2022”. The final was divided into two parts. In the first of them, viewers via SMS decided about the final three. The best one was Wiktor Kowalski, who sang the … Read more

The first pictures of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Parker’s wedding and her strange dress are surprising

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a set of photos from the wedding of the American reality TV star, “The Kardashians,”Kourtney KardashianOn her fiance, an American rapperTravis ParkerAnd she drew attention with her very strange dress. The wedding ceremony was held last night on the 22nd of May, in Italy, to be the second … Read more

The Russian changed his name to avoid sanctions. The choice is surprising

Igor Lebediev is a son the recently deceased Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a controversial Russian politician. In the past, he was deputy chairman of the State Duma, and in the course of his work he was repeatedly involved in matters related to sports. In March 2017, Lebedev proposed legalizing football hooliganism and turning it into a sport, … Read more

SUBANG CASE FIRE, SHOCKING, YOSEF Subang Confessed That This Person Was Pressured More Than Investigators

DESKJABAR – Subang case or case mother and child killer in Subang burning! Surprising! Yosef Subang | confess more pressed this person is more than investigator. case witness mother and child killer in SubangYosef Hidayah or Yosef Subang | confess pressed by someone. This was conveyed by Yosef Subang | witness Subang case after playing … Read more

Cholesterol, Alzheimer’s disease… These surprising health facts that our eyes can reveal

The University of California, San Diego has just develop a smartphone application capable, immediately and simply, of detecting the early signs of several neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. How ? Through the phone’s camera, which is able to track changes in a person’s pupil size at sub-millimetre resolution. Analysis of these measures can then be … Read more

A surprising destination for Messi after the expiration of his contract with Saint-Germain | Football

It seems that Argentine star Lionel Messi will not extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, which ends in the summer of 2023, according to media reports. There were rumors of Messi’s return to Barcelona after the end of his contract with Saint-Germain, and his father and his agent cast more doubts on the future of … Read more

A team of scientists grow plants on lunar soil with surprising results – Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex

The study, funded by NASA, breaks new ground in biological research. Anna-Lisa Paul and Rob Ferl working with lunar samples in their lab.Credits: UF/IFAS photo of Tyler Jones. The astronauts of the Apollo program participated in a visionary plan: to bring samples of the material from the lunar surface, known as regolith, to Earth with … Read more

Five surprising facts about high blood pressure

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. To reduce the risk your blood pressure should be checked regularly and if it is high it should be controlled. On World Hypertension Day, here are five surprising facts about high blood pressure revealed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). … Read more

Milan Ďatelinka reacts to a surprising RFA defeat

We have the RFA Grand Opening tournament behind us, which followed on from the previous warm-up Warmp Up tournament and which was the “real” start of an organization that set itself the goal of dominating the home scene in the near future. We got interesting matches and a supplementary show. The duels Plavec vs Fapšo … Read more