“UBS” quarterly survey: Investors are less optimistic and continue to look for opportunities

Dubai: «The Gulf» Optimism among investors with large net assets has fallen to its first levels during the spread of the pandemic, due to continuing concerns about the impact of economic inflation and its effects on the market, in addition to the ongoing war in Ukraine; This is according to the latest quarterly investor sentiment … Read more

An Overwatch 2 survey suggests mythical skins for $45, but Blizzard comes out to clarify the situation

From the study they claim that this serves to “understand the preferences for the different types of cosmetics.” The surprise was great when Blizzard confirmed that Overwatch 2 Not only would replace the first installment of the hero-shooter saga, but would also be presented as a free to play nature game. As expected, many users … Read more

The results of the survey are surprising: it became clear who are the most irresponsible drivers in Europe

in 2022 in March, on behalf of the French company Vinci Autoroutes, 12,400 Europeans were survey. It was conducted by polling company Ipsos, which asked at least 1,000 people in each of 11 countries about their own and other drivers’ driving habits at home and abroad. The results of the respondents may be somewhat surprising. … Read more

Interest in superhero movies is dwindling as US survey reveals worrying trend for Marvel

Residents of the United States have become less interested in films with superheroes. This is the conclusion reached by the employees of the research company Morning Consultby conducting a survey among the population of the country. 41% of respondents are dissatisfied with the paintings. Since November 2021, this indicator has increased by 5% and by … Read more

Latest Steam Survey, AMD Share Rising, Windows 11 Share Declining

As we enter the third quarter of 2022, some notable changes have been spotted in Steam’s monthly survey. First, from July, AMD’s share of CPUs rose by more than 2%, and Intel received a 2% decrease. Currently, AMD’s processor vendor share, which has risen by 2%, is 33.73%, which is still far short of Intel’s … Read more

Steam player equipment survey in July 2022: The proportion of Linux players is growing rapidly, and it is expected to overtake macOS | 4Gamers

Steam announced the results of its hardware survey in July 2022. Benefiting from the sales of Steam Deck, the proportion of Linux system usage has increased slightly, and it has the opportunity to surpass the macOS system to become the second operating system used by Steam. According to the latest data from Steam, the most … Read more

Expensive loans crippled the housing market. There are few interested parties, but the sellers refuse to reduce the price

As recently as last year, those interested in buying apartments and family houses were “haggling”. They often overpaid the price of the offered real estate, it was usually sold in a few days. This year it is different, more than half of the properties are waiting for buyers for several months. The supply is greater … Read more

Health: Creating a database for the survey within the maternal and fetal health initiative

Dr. Fawzy Fathy, Executive Director of the maternal and fetal health initiative at the Ministry of Health and Population, confirmed that the initiative’s services are provided in all health units and medical centers, and cases that need advanced medical examinations are referred to 90 referral centers for B virus and human immunodeficiency virus, in addition … Read more

Unique model: Pirates grow, ODS and TOP 09 weaken

Seznam Zprávy has once again prepared a unique election model, from which readers will regularly learn who is closest to winning the next parliamentary elections. At the end of July 2022, ANO (28%) leads ODS (19%), SPD (12%) and Pirates (10%). According to the long-term model, STAN is now hovering around the seven percent threshold, … Read more