Everything that is known about Alone in the Dark, the renewal of the game that originated the survival horror genre

Alone in the Dark (Remake) Following a major leak revealing the project, Sony officially announced the return of Alone in the Darka video game based on the horror trilogy that was published in 1992 and key to the development of survival-horror experiences. Although the story only recovers its themes with some narrative winks, Developer Pieces … Read more

Dinosaur Survival MMO, Path of Titans, Available Today On Nintendo Switch – That’s Gaming

Alderon Games announces that after the game’s beta launch last month on PlayStation and Xbox, Path of Titans is now also launching in beta on Nintendo Switch. The game proudly supports cross-platform play during beta on PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, with each console access requiring an individual purchase. Full cross-play is planned … Read more

Hotfixes of the Day: Survival Hunters, Destruction Warlock, and Mythic+ – World of Warcraft

A new salvo of patches was deployed last night on WoW. This applies to Survival Hunters, Destruction Warlocks, Mythic+ dungeons and the Great Vault. Find the details below. August 8, 2022 Classes Hunter Survival [Avec le redémarrage] 4P Bonus: Mad Bomber damage bonus reduced to 50% (was 70%). [Avec le redémarrage] Mongoose Bite damage increased … Read more

Fight for survival in Digimon: Survive

30/7/22 13:19 | Peter | General | 0 comments It’s finally here. After the long wait, there is finally light in a tunnel that is now much too long. Unleash the monster in you and fight your way out in Digimon: Survive. Digimon is a household name that has been able to build up a … Read more

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | “American Professionals” investigate Harden’s stay deal

The NBA is investigating potential violations of the league’s rules in the Philadelphia 76ers’ free contract deals with star James Harden and players PJ Tucker and Danielle House, according to American newspapers. Harden, 32, who joined the Sixers in February in a massive swap deal with the Brooklyn Nets, turned down the option to activate … Read more

The creators of Cryospace showed the gameplay of role-playing survival – Igromania

In 2020, the Polish studio kuklamknown from Cartonfalland publisher Games Operators announced Cryospace, role-playing horror with a focus on survival. And now we were shown 25 minutes of gameplay with comments from the developers. Cryospace takes place on a starship carrying colonists to a distant planet. And we get the role of a mechanic-repairman, who … Read more

Annapurna Interactive Announces Dino Survival Game The Lost Wild – Gaming – News

Developer Great Ape Games and publisher Annapurna Interactive have announced the first-person survival game The Lost Wild. In this, the player has to survive in the wilderness with different types of dinosaurs. The game was announced Thursday at a showcase from Annapurna, who is the publisher of, among other things, the recently released cat game … Read more

Aging with HIV, in “survival” mode

Although triple therapy allows people with HIV to age with the disease, their little-known reality shows a path strewn with pitfalls. From the accumulation of illnesses to isolation, HIV-positive seniors face a whole series of issues for which there are sometimes no answers. Add to that a community fabric that lacks funding and the fear … Read more

Endling Extinction is Forever review: a survival game with a heartbreaking message about the environment

Endling- Extinction is Forever (Herobeat Studios) Endling: Extinction is Forever was announced in December 2021 at a digital event of Nintendo full of independent video games with unique aesthetics. The title developed by the Spanish from Herobeat Studios it drew attention for its interesting artistic section, but it also anticipated a story full of sadness … Read more