The 57-year-old survived 27 hours floating in the ocean

Since the powerful volcanic eruption on Tonga, the island state has been almost completely cut off from the outside world. The real situation on the island has therefore been very unclear. On Tuesday, the first sign of life came from the authorities on the island, who called the eruption one unparalleled disaster. CHAOS: Wreckage is … Read more

Parents beware! It is seen in children who have survived the Kovid…

class=”medyanet-inline-adv”> Parosmia, which is defined as a disorder of different odors and generally poor perception, is a side effect seen in adults with Covid. However food It is possible that this situation may not be noticed in children who are thought to be chosen. The University of East Anglia and the non-governmental organization Fifth Sense … Read more

Dancer Cmorej, who survived the electric shock, showed burns on his body. In search of the bodyguard star – From the screen and behind it – Cocktail

During the past weekend, Bratislava’s New Stage became the scene of an audition for the musical Bodyguard. Several well-known acting names met on the stage and during the rehearsals, which also have to handle a challenging task with their vocal range. However, the dancer Ladislav Cmorej also attracted attention. Photo: Onereps / Czech editorial photography … Read more

Two students save a dog hit by an avalanche who survived 20 minutes in the snow

University students Bobby White and Josh Trujillo were skiing at Berthoud Pass in Colorado when they were hit by an avalanche. On the track with them a family with their dog Apollo, completely overwhelmed by the fury of the avalanche. The boys, after having escaped to safety, went back to provide immediate assistance. The skiers … Read more

The Story of Stephen Hawking Who Survived ALS For 50 Years

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Stephen Hawking is one of the most famous scientists of modern times. His name is most closely associated with the black hole area theorem or black hole. At the age of 21, Hawking was diagnosed with Amyothropic Lateral Sclerosis.AS), a rare disease that attacks the nervous system in the brain and spinal … Read more

Fatal coincidence! One of the brothers died of a cerebral hemorrhage, the other two survived after the doctor’s suspicions.

Aneurysms, which are defined as swelling or bubbles in the vessels caused by the weakness of the blood vessel walls, where the vessels are concentrated in the brain, have a high lethality rate when they burst. 3 of 3 sisters living in Balıkesir also became victims of brain aneurysm. Ayşe, 59, and Gülizar Dagestan, 55, … Read more

The woman was resolving the marital dispute with a large knife. The man survived only through immediate surgery

According to investigators, the couple’s long-standing differences culminated in the attempted murder. After another conflict, the man allegedly knocked his wife to the ground in the yard. A few hours later, there was another verbal rift in the kitchen, when the 38-year-old woman stabbed her partner. “The accused woman was under the influence of alcohol … Read more

News, Traffic | Survived falls of 10-20 meters: – It should not work

Two men in their 30s were involved in a dramatic accident when their car fell down a huge precipice on the Hardangervidda. Around the country Bergensavisen: It was in the morning hours on Monday that the police received the gruesome message that a car had run off the road at Litlastølhallet. The police were quick … Read more