The man found a box with six puppies by the dirt road. Only two survived

The 37-year-old man found a crossbreed by a dirt road near a resting place, in a place called Pěticestí in the cadastre of the village of Tmaň. He then took the four still-alive puppies to a shelter, where they were immediately taken care of by veterinarians. But two were in critical condition and had to … Read more

Biologists are celebrating: ancient California redwoods have survived massive fires

According to the AP, the redwoods, which are nicknamed the Mother of the Forest, also withstood the fire. It used to be over 100 meters high and its trunk has a circumference of more than 21 meters. “It’s such great news that I can’t even say how she calmed me down,” McLendon said. Last week’s … Read more

Deadly Accident on Cipali Toll Road, Truck Driver Survived After Jumping Avoiding Bus

MAJALENGKA, – Deadly accident on the Cipali toll road Km 150, Majalengka, West Java, Sunday (23/8/2020) left 4 people dead and 11 others injured. The accident involved a bus, elves and a tronton truck. The unfortunate incident began when a bus crashed into a tronton truck parked on the outer left shoulder of the … Read more

Ukrainian Boeing pilots shot down by Iran survived the first missile – News

According to a source close to the investigation, the statements by the head of Iranian civil aviation are not surprising. “Nothing else could be found,” according to this source, for whom the causes of the accident (who fired and why) will never be known through the operation of the black boxes. The tragedy claimed the … Read more

It has survived two world wars and apartheid. He died at the age of 116 South African who was one of the oldest men in the world

“He died this morning of natural causes. We think it was due to age and there is no suspicion of any relationship with the covid-19, ”confirmed an official from the Western Cape province, where the hospital is located, to the TimesLive newspaper. The official added that “this is a very sad time for everyone”. “I … Read more

Covid-19: How a 29-year-old survived the virus – Munich

Roberto Rocca is 29 years old, he doesn’t smoke and does a lot of sport. Then the virus came – and now he’s the one with the walker. About the mistaken belief that you are invulnerable. From Julia Huber A rollator is not a cool vehicle. The white tires. The seat. The cup in front. … Read more

Kodak survived his own death. Instead of cameras for a dollar, he makes a drug against covid

The American company Kodak symbolized a camera for many Czechs. But the company did not capture digital followers of classic photography, so it has begun to be forgotten in recent years. Now an American company with a 130-year tradition is announcing news that the whole world is writing about. It switched to a completely different … Read more

He murdered eight nurses that night, and only one survived. She watched hell under the bed

Richard Benjamin Speck was less than twenty-five years old in July 1966, but he had an extraordinarily rich criminal career. A thief, a brutal rapist and a notorious alcoholic with more than 20 arrests, a rich criminal record and multiple stays behind bars. However, none of his deeds to date matched the monstrosity and monstrosity … Read more