In the Netherlands, 61 cases of COVID-19 were reported among passengers arriving from South Africa, and a case was suspected in Germany

It is currently being clarified what proportion of these people are infected with the new omicron variant pathogen that World Health Organization (WHO) the previous day acknowledged as a matter of concern. “We know that 61 [testo] the result is positive and 531 is negative, ”says a report from the Dutch Board of Health (GGD). … Read more

Suspected personal belongings taken away from residence Xu Weizhou studio calls for rational star chasing jqknews

Original title: Suspected personal belongings of the residence were taken away, Xu Weizhou’s studio appeals to sensibly chasing stars The Beijing News reported on November 28, Xu Weizhou’s studio issued an article calling on everyone to chase the stars rationally and attach the suspect’s photo taken by the camera. The post stated that recently, at … Read more

Sanjaya’s Recognition, Suspected Terrorist Arrested by Densus 88, Makes the Charitable Foundation Raup IDR 28 Billion a Year

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The National Police’s Anti-terror Detachment 88 Team has so far arrested 24 people related to funding the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist network. One of the 24 people is Fitria Sanjaya. He is from Yayasan Baitul Mal Abdurrahman bin Auf (Laz BM ABA). This foundation is able to capture public funds of up … Read more

Barcelona has amulets?Two escapes suspected penalty kicks in La Liga only red and blue were not blown

Original title: Barcelona has amulets?Two escapes suspected penalty kicks in La Liga only red and blue are not blown In La Liga this season, Barcelona is the only team that has not been whistled on penalties. In Barcelona’s 3-1 victory over Villarreal tonight, the Red and Blues escaped two more suspected penalties. In the first … Read more

The doctor suspected of having provided 2,000 false CST has been arrested: in confession, he was imprisoned

This Tuesday, a case had been brought to the attention of the Charleroi prosecutor’s office against a Walloon doctor suspected of having provided 2,000 false vaccination certificates. The documents and CSTs issued as a result were invalidated. After being arrested this Wednesday in Charleroi by the federal judicial police, the fraudulent doctor was heard by … Read more

A GP suspected of sexual harassment practiced with a tracker on his leg

For years, a general practitioner in Budapest has been practicing investigating the rape of a girl under the age of 14, writes Glance. The doctor was prosecuted for violating sexual violence and personal liberty, but it was eventually dropped. Blikk knows the man cheated on the underage girl and then raped her three times against … Read more

Chen Xiaojun’s reply to the comment has caused controversy, and it is suspected that Yang Mi’s acting skills are connoted. This is not the first time she has overturned.

Original title: Chen Xiaoyun’s reply to the comment caused controversy, suspected of connotation Yang Mi acting, this is not the first time she has overturned Here, get up early with me every day, stick to one thing together, and discover a different life! The costume TV series “Madam Hu Zhu” starring popular big flower Yang … Read more

Couple suspected of attempted poison murder do not want to … (Inland)

Evy De Swaef and Jurgen Moens proclaim their innocence and want to tell their story in this newspaper. — © rr Berlare/Affligem – The couple from Berlare, suspected of attempted poison murder on their mother-in-law, is free again to go where they want. The council chamber in Brussels lifted their electronic surveillance on Thursday. “We … Read more

searched 29 suspected of being part of the responsible group

Maxi operation of the police in the past few hours: 29 searches were carried out against alleged members of the telegram groups openly No Vax and No Green Pass who launched a series of attacks – both material and online – throughout Italy. Some online criminal actions of the No Vax and No Green Pass … Read more

a childcare worker suspected of sexual touching on a student

Posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 9:31 p.m. Several families have reportedly lodged a complaint against a childcare worker at the Leers-Nord municipal school. They would have noted traces of sexual assault on their child educated in the municipal school of Leers-Nord. Stupor within an educational establishment of the entity of Estaimpuis. A childcare … Read more