DIF clinic detects two suspected cases of breast cancer

The Ciudad Madero DIF System has detected two suspected cases of breast cancer in women from Madeira, within the studies carried out in this medical unit. Subscribe to the digital edition of El Sol de Tampico here Patricia Belem Reyna Uribe, clinic director of the DIF Madero System, pointed out that they have had a … Read more

They capture suspected infiltrators who would have attacked the CAI

This was detailed by the Attorney General’s Office, cited by Noticias Caracol. The prosecuting body established that the alleged infiltrators of the marches would have played a key role in the attacks against the constructions of the Police in the riots of September 9 and 10, in Bogota. The 4 men and one woman were … Read more

Coronavirus.- The suspected case in Valladolid is negative and a new one is subjected to study in Segovia

VALLADOLID, 25 (EUROPA PRESS) The suspected case of coronavirus in Valladolid has tested negative after the tests carried out on the patient, while another new case remains under study in Segovia pending the results obtained from the tests carried out. As sources from the Ministry of Health have informed Europa Press, the young man who … Read more

Minsal clarified that the report delivered to the WHO on deaths from COVID-19 includes suspected and probable cases

This noon, the Ministry of Health came out to clarify the controversy generated after meeting the number of deaths from COVID-19 that the portfolio delivers to the World Health Organization (WHO), which would be vastly higher than that reported daily to public opinion. The information was disclosed as a result of an investigation by CYPRUS, … Read more

Woman suspected of sending ricin package to Trump arrested

A woman was arrested this Sunday for allegedly sending a package with ricin to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, when he was trying to enter the United States from Canada through a border post in the state of New York, according to local media. The woman wore a firearm and was arrested … Read more

Major manhunt opens for suspected stabbing Birmingham | NOW

British police started a manhunt with many officers on Sunday afternoon for the suspect who was involved in four stabbings in the center of the city of Birmingham during the night from Saturday to Sunday, in which one person was killed and seven others were injured. The man is the only suspect, according to the … Read more

Suspected Portland shooting shot ‘in self-defense’

According to The Oregonian newspaper, Reinoehl is suspect in the shooting killing Aaron Danielson, 39, one of the Trump supporters who took part in an auto parade in Portland on Saturday to show their support for the president. This led to fights with activists against police violence, who have been demonstrating in American cities for … Read more

Woman suspected of murdering five children

Lusa Article | 09/03/2020 15:52 The dead bodies of five children were found in the apartment where they lived in western Germany, local police told French agency France-Presse. The police are investigating the fivefold murder allegedly committed by the 27-year-old mother who, according to the Bild newspaper, tried to commit suicide by throwing herself under … Read more