Initial Suspicion of the Family of Brigadier J Murdered: Unprofessional Surrender of the Body

Muaro Jambi – The family of Brigadier Noffiansyah Yoshua Hutabarat or Brigadier J from the beginning suspected that Joshua was murdered. Initial suspicions arose during the process of handing over the body to the family which was considered unprofessional. “From the start we were suspicious, from when we had to pick up our own child’s … Read more

Yang Se-chan, Jeon So-min, “Doesn’t there have a boyfriend in the crew?” Rekindling suspicion of dating (‘Running Man’)

[마이데일리 = 임유리 기자] Comedian Yang Se-chan mentioned Jeon So-min’s dating allegations again. The SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 7th, was decorated with ‘Three-Three Five-Five Race’. While the members were told that a special guest would appear, Yang Se-chan, who did not know the identity of the … Read more

Islam, Islamophobia | Why are all critical questions about Islam met with suspicion?

The debate post expresses the writer’s opinions. Over the past few years, I have tried to familiarize myself with both Islam and the life of the Prophet Muhammad. As a theologian, I have of course been interested in acquiring understanding and knowledge about the religion of Islam. I have occasionally allowed myself to ask some … Read more

Otto Fu came back and left early, C Lang Manchester United did not release the suspicion?

The “Emperor” is defeated! ? For more than a month, the Portuguese king Cristiano Ronaldo (C Long), who asked to leave Manchester United earlier, made a comeback in the final official warm-up match before the Premier League kicked off on Sunday, but was defeated by new coach Tan Hag at halftime. Change away. The club … Read more

The State Security Service views the entry of Russian media into Latvia with suspicion [papildināts 22:17]

The State Security Service has warned the highest officials of our country that there are risks when more and more Russian media companies start working in Latvia, reports Latvijas Radio. Since the war started by Russia, more than 200 Russian journalists and 23 media organizations have emigrated to Latvia from the aggressor country. According to … Read more

“What really happened”, very serious suspicion – Libero Quotidiano

That damned retirement in the semifinals for a contracture. That “what’s going on?” to coach Camossi, with whom he then saw the final on TV. The podium of the 100 made in USA – Kerley gold in 9 “86, Bracy silver and Bromell bronze in 9” 88 – for Marcell Jacobs it’s a pain, given … Read more

Jiyeon-soo of ‘False Broadcasting Suspicion’ “I want to make money quickly, I decided to start a business after divorce from Eli” (‘Capitalism School’) : ZUM News

[텐아시아=태유나 기자] ‘Capitalism School’/Photo Credit=KBS Ji Ji-soo, who was the first supporter of the KBS2 variety show ‘Capitalist Restaurant’, hopes to open a Korean restaurant. ‘Capitalism School’ is an entertainment program that contains realistic economic studies of today’s children from teenagers to the MZ generation. ‘After-school Capitalism School’, an economics class for teenagers, ‘Bull Moth … Read more

Fire in the pine forest of Bibione, a tank feeds the suspicion of fraud

BIBIONE (VENICE) – The fire is out. The situation is under control. No accommodation facilities were involved. Ergo the holidays continue quietly. For the whole day yesterday, the tourist office of Bibione had to reassure the hundreds of tourists who by phone or email asked if they could still stay in one of the most … Read more

Person Being Treated for Suspicion of CCHF Disease in Sivas Died

According to the information received, a tick stuck to A.K (80) living in the city center 13 days ago. The sick AK was taken to Sivas Cumhuriyet University Health Services Application and Research Hospital by his relatives. AK, who was treated in the anesthesia intensive care unit with the suspicion of CCHF disease, lost his … Read more

Mei Nagano “Riding on a Unicorn” Korean drama Pakuri Suspicion “Isn’t it embarrassing?”

Mei Nagano Painting / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu From July 5th, the drama “Riding the Unicorn” (TBS series) starring Mei Nagano will start. However, it seems that the setting is being suspicious of Pakuri. The main character is Sana Narukawa (Nagano), the CEO of “Dream Pony”, which handles educational apps. Five years ago, I started … Read more