The Swedish Food Agency: Introduces a maximum limit for vitamin D intake

– I think in general that you should be very careful with adding vitamins and minerals and such, says Mats Palmér, senior physician in endocrinology and specialist in diseases that affect the body’s metabolism. Risk of kidney failure Too much vitamin D can in the worst case cause kidney failure and too much iodine can … Read more

Aviation, Economy | Swedish national team coach suspended after bomb threat at Danish airport

The national team manager in the Swedish handball association, Hanna Fogelström, says that the coach has now been suspended from his job. – It is an action and behavior that is not okay. As a result, we have stripped him of his assignment, she adds The Express. At 9.47 on Friday morning, the police in … Read more

Swedish national team coach suspended after bomb joke at Kastrup – VG

WAS EVACUATED: Terminal 2 at Kastrup was evacuated after the man’s bomb joke. Photo: On his way to lead his athletes in a major championship, a Swedish national team coach chose to joke that he had a bomb in his luggage. Now he is arrested by the police. Published: Updated yesterday 14:06 Friday morning … Read more

Swedish national team coach joked about a bomb at the airport in Copenhagen – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Danish TV 2 wrote just after 10:00 on Friday morning that they had received confirmation of the incident from the Copenhagen police. Less than three quarters of an hour later, the Copenhagen police report on Twitter that it all turned out to be a joke. The bag was completely harmless and the terminal is open … Read more