Ticino watches West Nile virus move closer to Switzerland – rts.ch

The West Nile virus, which can cause severe complications in the elderly or frail individuals, is of concern in Italy. Transmitted to humans by mosquitoes or birds, its progression in Italy is closely monitored in Ticino. In northern Italy, the focus of the virus is in the Padua region, 40 kilometers from Venice. Last week, … Read more

Still no vaccine in Switzerland against monkeypox, impatience rises against the FOPH

While Switzerland is close to the 400 cases of monkeypox, which makes it the sixth most infected country in the world per million inhabitants, the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) has still not placed its order for the vaccine. Since July 23, the disease has been described as a “public health emergency” by the … Read more

A Russian company attacked Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland: they told them to go home and die

“A Russian company that has been living in Zurich for more than a year attacked refugees from Ukraine with accusations of oppressing the Russian language. The Russian-speaking man, who introduced himself as Belarusian, first pinned a 20-year-old student from Ukraine against the wall. He later punched her when he heard she was from Ukraine. We … Read more

State road 36 reopened towards Switzerland and Valtellina: fallen boulders removed

The Strada Statale 36 de was reopenedl Lake Como and Spluga. The awaited news was communicated around 2 pm by Anas: during the night between Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August a boulder fell from the mountain above, which also damaged the car in transit and made it necessary to close the busy road artery, … Read more

Market: Evicted from Wall Street, some Chinese companies find refuge at home or in Switzerland

(BFM Bourse) – Subject to increased surveillance and restrictions in the United States, many Chinese firms are forced to turn their backs on Wall Street. At the same time, China encourages its companies to seek financing on its stock exchanges. Other Western countries like Switzerland intend to take advantage of the vacancy left by Wall … Read more

Moscow: Switzerland cannot represent Kyiv in Russia

Bern confirmed on Wednesday that Ukraine has asked Switzerland to become its diplomatic representative in Russia. “Unfortunately, Switzerland has lost the status of a neutral state and can neither be a mediator nor a representative of interests,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ivan Nechiaev told reporters. He confirmed that Bern asked Russia if it would agree … Read more

In Switzerland, found a 50-year-old plane in a glacier

In Switzerland, melting glaciers due to climate change are revealing secrets from half a century ago. Due to melting glaciers in August, tourists have already found unidentified human remains and a crashed plane. About it writes The Guardian. Also read Two French climbers stumbled upon a human skeleton while climbing the Chessin glacier in the … Read more

“Who is a famous movie star?” Yoo Hae-jin skillfully introduced herself as ‘Won Bin’ to a pilot she met in Switzerland.

Send articles on social media Send article to Facebook Send articles to Twitter Send article to Kakao Story Send articles to KakaoTalk Send article to Copy URL Find other shares Actor Yoo Hae-jin who introduced himself as Won Bin @tvN ‘Europe outside the tent’ Actor Yoo Hae-jin skillfully introduced himself as ‘Won Bin’ to a … Read more

No recession in Switzerland this year, says chief government economist

PARIS: Already at a very high level, the price of milk will increase further due to the historic drought underway in France, as breeders no longer have enough grass to feed their cows, with cascading consequences on the set of dairy products. “The price increases, which have existed for several months, will continue for dairy … Read more

Where to go on a trip in Czech Switzerland? Here are 10 tips

Lookout Belvedere On a high sandstone rock, the Belvedere viewpoint sticks out 160 meters above the Elbe. It is the oldest and one of the most beautiful in Czech Switzerland with wonderful views of the Elbe Canyon. It comes from the romantic period of tourism at the beginning of the 18th century. Once upon a … Read more