These are the new travel rules in the surrounding countries: pay attention…

Spring break will start in four weeks and many Dutch people will again go away for a week. To the snow, or to a house in our neighboring countries. But the rules that apply now sometimes get in the way of holiday fun, especially for people without vaccination, but also with a Janssen shot.

Archaeologists have recreated the appearance of the famous Egyptian mummy from Switzerland (photo)

Scientists have managed to convey the facial features of a woman, including her nose, cheeks and even lips. However, the color of the skin and her eyes has not yet been reliably determined. Shep-en-Isis is an Egyptian mummy kept since 1820 in the Swiss Library of the Monastery of Saint Gall. After spending several months, … Read more

The Swiss understood. Plug-in hybrids pulled from the ‘subsidy socket’ – Transport – Auto

“Rechargeable hybrids are a consumer fraud,” say representatives of the Swiss company Impact Living. Their measurements prove it. The canton of Valais did not hesitate and cut off the plug-in hybrids from the subsidies after the publication of the results of the study. Photo: BMW broadcasting An analysis of the actual consumption of plug-in hybrids … Read more

“Four in a Suitcase” show returns – celebrities travel to hot-blooded Portugal, sunny Tenerife and the land of seductive contrasts Switzerland

On the first trip to Portugal, a particularly colorful company will go – the beloved series and film actress Evija Skulte and the witty Valmiera Theater actor Imants Strads, who will be joined by the winners of the previous season of the show – the bright drag-queen a make-up master Amuna Davis or Dāvis Ķimene … Read more

[단독]Celltrion’s Corona 19 antibody drug ‘Rekkorna’ gets conditional approval from Switzerland

Celltrion’s COVID-19 antibody treatment ‘Rekkorna (ingredient regdanvirab)’ received conditional approval from the Swiss pharmaceutical regulatory authority on the 13th. On November 13, last year, the European Commission (EC) received official approval for the first COVID-19 antibody treatment in Europe. As Switzerland is not a member of the EU, it has received a separate permit procedure. … Read more

Microsoft brings Surface Pro 8 for Business to Switzerland

Microsoft is expanding its range and its Surface configurations: the Surface Pro 8 for Business can now be purchased from authorized resellers. In addition, new equipment variants of the Surface Go 3 and Surface Pro X are available, like the US company in one Blogpost communicates. Surface Pro 8 for Business The Surface Pro 8 … Read more

Egypt, victim of sexual harassment, denounced the immobility of Cairo: activist sentenced to one year in prison. But she fled to Switzerland

In Egypt, if you are a political opponent, often the choice is between ending up in prison or fleeing into exile. He is a witness Amal Fathy, Egyptian activist, wife of Mohamed Lotfy, leader of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (Ecrf, the organization that has been following the case of Giulio Regeni), sentenced … Read more

HomePod mini: Soon available in other countries like Switzerland and Belgium? | news

Wed, 13:30·Hardware·tr Although Apple released the HomePod mini last year, the number of countries with HomePod availability was still quite clear when it was launched. While the HomePod mini is currently officially available in Germany and the USA, other countries still have to be patient. In the foreseeable future, a number of other countries are … Read more

Elca and Bluevoyant unite around a new SOC based in Switzerland

The French-speaking Swiss software publisher Elca has announced the creation of a cyber defense joint venture, in partnership with the American cybersecurity service provider Bluevoyant. The joint venture will operate a new Security Operations Center (SOC) in Switzerland under the name Senthorus and strengthen the ELCA-Security subsidiary, Elca said in a statement. The Senthorus SOC … Read more

Charlene of Monaco “interned” in Switzerland, parasitized friendship, revelation about her discomfort

If Charlene of Monaco, currently being treated abroad, perhaps in Switzerland, felt so bad on the Rock and was very isolated, it would be because of her behavior. Those who hoped to help him would have been sidelined, starting with the late Karl Lagerfeld. Princess Grace, his late mother-in-law, could have served as a model. … Read more