1 cent for “seckill” but have to pay 999 yuan for shipping, well-known anchor Sydney apologizes-e-commerce-cnBeta.COM

Recently, at the Fan Festival held in the Sydney live broadcast studio of the well-known anchor, some consumers exposed that they had to pay 999 yuan for the shipping fee when they took pictures of the spike electric toothbrush and 1 penny pillow in their live broadcast room. This also happened. Many consumers who participated … Read more

Australian Covid cases ‘explode’ 1000, hospitals set up tents

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Cases of Covid-19 infection in Australia increasingly worrying. On Thursday, (26/8/2021) the country first reported more than 1,000 coronavirus infections in a day. Quotes AFP, the state of New South Wales, where the most populous city of Sydney is located, announced a record 1,029 Covid-19 cases over a 24-hour period. Of … Read more

Two major hospitals in Sydney set up emergency tents

Indonesiainside.id, Jakarta – Two major hospitals west of Sydney, Australia on Thursday set up emergency tents outdoors to help deal with an increase in patients as the city grapples with the worst turmoil in the Delta variant of the coronavirus wave. Sydney, the largest city in Australia, has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak … Read more

Hospitals under heavy pressure, Sydney sets new daily record of COVID-19 cases

KONTAN.CO.ID – SYDNEY. Sydney’s COVID-19 cases set a new daily record on Wednesday (24 August), putting parts of the health system under “severe stress”. Despite two months of lockdown, the State of New South Wales (NSW) reported 919 new cases amid the Delta variant outbreak, bringing Australia’s daily total cases to a new record high of … Read more

Liz is the first woman to lead a men’s basketball team in a continental championship

Growing up in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, Liz Mills dreamed of one day becoming a professional basketball coach, but she didn’t know for sure that she would achieve fame thousands of miles away in Africa, where she made history as the first woman to coach a men’s basketball team in a continental tournament. .After a … Read more

Tony Gunawan, the 2000 Sydney Olympics Gold Winner, Who Has Changed His Citizenship, This Is His Life Now : Okezone Sports

NAME Tony Gunawan should not be missed when talking about the legend of Indonesian badminton. Because, he has brought the fragrance of Indonesia’s name in various international tournaments while he is still actively playing badminton. One of the most memorable is his success in winning a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. At that … Read more

The closure was extended in Brisbane as the army patrolled Sydney to impose COVID restrictions

The closure of Brisbane was extended until Sunday, which was due to end on 3 August NSW has recorded 207 cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours The army is patrolling Sydney to impose restrictions on staying at home SIDNEY (Reuters) – The state of Queensland, Australia, extended the blockade of COVID-19 in Brisbane … Read more

Alamak! Malaysia, Thailand & Tokyo Break Covid Record Again

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Olympic host city Tokyo, as well as Thailand and Malaysia, announced record Covid-19 infections yesterday, Saturday (31/07/2021), driven mostly by the highly contagious delta variant. Citing Reuters on Sunday (01/08/2021), the Tokyo metropolitan government announced a record number of Covid-19 infections of 4,058 in the last 24 hours as of yesterday, … Read more

Delta variant, after Sydney also Brisbane enters lockdown: it will be “the most severe” applied so far

Sydney stay in lockdown at least until August 28 with a lot of soldiers deployed in the streets, but the same confinement measures have also been established for the Australian state of Queensland, where is it Brisbane, in order to contain the spread of Delta variant which is worrying the whole country. The blockState Deputy … Read more