Forgotten disease – Little known, chronic fatigue syndrome is revealed with Covid

The medical profession fears an outbreak of cases in patients who have been infected with the coronavirus. Struck and exhausted, a Vaudoise recounts this painful experience that haunts her. Raphael Cand Posted today at 6:39 am Naik Berney has suffered for several years from myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, a disease registered by the WHO … Read more

“Happy Hypoxia Syndrome”, New Symptoms of Covid-19 Patients, NASIONAL. “This condition is very confusing for doctors because it contradicts basic biological concepts,” said study author Martin J Tobin who is a pulmonary specialist, as quoted from citing Science Direct. In some cases, continued Tobin, the patient feels comfortable, is not disturbed at all, and can even be active. In fact, in … Read more

Post-Coronavirus Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Called a Separate Disease – Science

TASS, August 18. Post-Coronavirus Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) is a new form of immune system disorder that differs from Kawasaki Syndrome and other related diseases. These are the conclusions reached by British physicians, an article published by a scientific journal Nature Medicine. “The symptoms of the disease and changes in the work of immune cells that … Read more

Global Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Drugs Market 2020 By Manufacturers Novartis AG, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, Addex Therapeutics Ltd.

Global Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Drugs Market The 2020-2026 Analysis Report gives a comprehensive competitive assessment that covers the profiling of Named Companies of key players, an overview of the nature and characteristics of the competitive landscape, and other crucial studies. New players can also use this Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) drug registration to create … Read more

The cabin syndrome, another rival to beat in the pandemic

Rafael * only goes out to walk his dogs. His wife flatly refuses and the love he feels for his “children”, as he calls them, forces him to walk around 40 minutes a day near their home. He has gone out other times due to force majeure and confesses that when he “touches” it “bothers” … Read more

“I spend almost 20 hours a day on social networks,” says Carrie, who suffers from FoMO syndrome

Carrie, a 43-year-old mother, spends her days on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. – Gerd Altmann – PixaBay Our series “Cassé (s) Net” explores the impact of our digital uses on our mental health. Carrie, 43, is a mom addicted to social media. “I’m there all the time, all day, almost 24 hours a day,” she … Read more

The specter of Post Corona Syndrome faces 25% of the recovered from Covid 19.. Know the details

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed that some of those recovered from Corona were exposed to what is called “corona recuperative syndrome”, or a post-corona syndrome, in which the person who recovered from Covid 19 experienced a set of complications, the most important of which are lung fibrosis, forgetfulness, and stroke in the brain, … Read more

Two monkeys hugged their brother who has Down syndrome – People – Culture

Al Gaziantep Zoo, in Turkey, lin early July, three macaque cubs of four were rescued by the Turkish National Parks Directorate in Istanbul. The animals had been hidden by smugglers in the trunk of a car. They arrived at the scene in a cage: they were holding each other and on alert. Even when the … Read more

Young Chilean woman recounted her experience with Tourette syndrome and went viral

Valentina Quintana, a 15-year-old Temuco, moved to social networks with a powerful video in which he explained what it is like to live with Tourette’s syndrome, and sent a message “to all people who may have an illness and which may mean teasing others“. Two years ago he was diagnosed with the disorder in which, … Read more

Moebius Syndrome Sufferers Babies Born Without Crying and Without …

loading… JAKARTA – The birth of a baby is a very happy moment. When born, babies usually cry and make a number of wrinkles on their face. (Also read: Fahira Idris Asks the Government to Make a Blueprint on Child Protection) However, not all babies do that. Baby sufferer moebius syndrome not crying or expressing … Read more