Cinema, Black Panther actor dies – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, AUG 29 – Chadwick Boseman, the American actor who starred in Marvel Comics’ Black Panther in 2018, died at the age of 42 from colon cancer. Boseman had not publicly discussed his illness, which he was first diagnosed with in 2016, and had gone on to work on major Hollywood film productions. … Read more

Tretyakov Gallery explained the reason for the roof leak on Krymsky Val :: Society :: RBC

Video The reason for the roof leak in the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val was a failure of the storm sewer. About it reported on the museum’s VKontakte page. “Due to heavy rainfall, a serious roof leak occurred, which was the result of a one-time breakthrough of a worn-out storm sewer, which could not withstand … Read more

In Telegram of the federal headquarters, the academician predicted the second wave of COVID :: Society :: RBC

The federal headquarters in its Telegram channel published a conversation with academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Paltsev, who said that Russia cannot avoid a second wave of coronavirus in the fall. She will be even stronger than the first, says the academician Photo: Kirill Zykov / AGN “Moscow” Russians will be able … Read more

Minsk metro employees joined the protests :: Society :: RBC

Metro employees took part in a peaceful action with the slogan “The next station is“ New President ”. They demanded fair elections and an end to the violence against protesters. Metro train traffic was not interrupted Employees of the Minsk Metro at a protest (Photo: Maya Kohno / TUT.BY) Employees of the Minsk Metro joined … Read more

The Russian Orthodox Church offered to learn lessons from the prayer in Hagia Sophia and the fire in Nantes :: Society :: RBC

Hagia Sophia Great Mosque, Istanbul (Фото: Chris McGrath / Getty Images) Namaz at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the burning of the cathedral in the French city of Nantes are a blow not only to European civilization, but also to Russian culture. Therefore, the Russians need to learn a lesson from these events, wrote … Read more

The Ministry of communications has issued a schedule of the export flight prior to July 1,:: Society :: RBC

The Ministry has published the schedule of export of flights from 20 June to 1 July. It is housed in the Ministry of Telegram channel for the removal of the Russians from abroad in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. The date of the 32 planned flight. On 20 June the Russians evacuated from Osh (Kyrgyzstan), … Read more

The young slayer took Bethany to the home of the parents on the day before the killing, Portugal

The body of Beatrice, Said the 22-year-faria 23 on Sunday, is expected to be on Friday handed over to his family. It is expected to arrive in the Town early in the afternoon, following the funeral at the Church of saint-domingue. After the Complex is Done in the city, where they will be cremated. It’s … Read more

San Martín (T) claims promotion to Primera and Atlanta wants to play a final

It will be through Fernando Santillán, the legal representative of the Tucuman club, who will aim to expose his claim arguments and try to be heard to twist the decision that caused criticism from his fans against the AFA. Unlike the descents, which were suspended, promotions were left open to the definition “on court”, in … Read more

Western intelligence agencies accused China of destroying data on the outbreak of COVID-19 :: Politics :: RBC

Photo: Jessica Hill / AP China deliberately destroyed evidence of the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, which occurred in Wuhan late last year. This was reported by The Daily Telegraph, citing a 15-page report prepared by the Five Eye intelligence alliance, which brings together intelligence agencies from the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New … Read more

What happened over night. The main news of RBC :: Society :: RBC

How to avoid the second wave of the epidemic, how Telegram will return money to investors, who will still be allowed to leave quarantined Russia, what companies will have to do to receive state support; breaking news – in a review of RBC Italian authorities adviser calls way to avoid second wave of coronavirus Italy … Read more