Who has the best 5G network speed in Taiwan? SPEEDTEST’s latest Q3Q4 report is out!

Internationally renowned internet speed testing company~SPEEDTEST on January 18thOfficial websiteAnnounced Taiwan’s Q3Q4 mobile network quality survey report in 2021, and scored the 5G network speed, latency, and consistency scores of mobile network services of major telecommunications companies in Taiwan. Asia Pacific Telecom joined this report for the first time. The performance of major telecommunications in … Read more

Between War and Peace: China and Taiwan – Respublika.lt

1911 The monarchy was overthrown in China and replaced by the Republic of China. It controlled most of the territory of the present-day People’s Republic of China. 1928 Gomindan, a nationalist party, took power in the Chinese state, and the communists who opposed it were actively supported by the USSR. 1946 there was a military … Read more

Global Crystal’s merger with Shichuang passed the review of China’s anti-monopoly authorities | Anue Juheng- Taiwan Stock News

Silicon wafer giant Universal Crystal (6488-TW) announced today (21) that its acquisition of the German silicon wafer giant Siltronic has passed the review of the Chinese anti-monopoly authority (the State Administration for Market Regulation). Global Crystal’s acquisition of Shichuang has been reviewed and approved by anti-monopoly authorities in Germany, Austria, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the … Read more

Hon Hai Chongyuan Universe Platform, ASML Supply Chain Operations Pretty Must-See Financial News Today | Anue Juheng – Taiwan Stock News

Focusing on the key news of Taiwan stocks before the market, Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei pointed out that the Metaverse layout strategy will also develop towards a platform, covering wearable devices, data centers and content, etc., and will not be absent; Esmore, in response to customer needs, adopts The rapid shipment is regarded by … Read more

Taiwan’s Allies Will Be Zero

loading… Pedestrians cross the Taiwan flag in Taipei. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – Taiwan has found itself with fewer allies in recent years as a number of countries shifted their recognition of the Chinese government, from Taipei to Beijing. The most recent shift occurred last month when Nicaragua recognized China. “It’s a matter of time before Taiwan’s … Read more

China and Taiwan are heating up, what are their military strengths like?

Thursday, January 13, 2022 – 12:47 WIB Relationship between China and Taiwan the heat is getting hotter, with last year the number of Chinese warplane strikes sent into Taiwan’s air defense zones broke records. At the heart of this conflict is the issue of reunification. Chinese President Xi Jinping says “reunification” with Taiwan “ Must … Read more

Column: TSMC to raise prices in a timely manner to aggressively invest by expanding its earnings base | Reuters

[Hong Kong 13th Reuters BREAKINGVIEWS]–The world’s largest and most important semiconductor maker is peeping at its market power. TSMC, a contract manufacturer of semiconductors, is moving to raise prices in response to the global shortage of semiconductors against the backdrop of the rapid expansion of demand for electronic products. On January 13th, the world’s largest … Read more

Wreckage of the wrecked F-16V fighter was found in Taiwan

The crash occurred less than two months after the island’s first squadron of its most advanced fighters was launched. The aircraft disappeared from the radar screens about half an hour after taking off from a base in the southwest of the country for a normal training flight, the Air Force said in a statement. According … Read more

Washington has once again expressed support for Lithuania in the face of tensions with China

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine said on Friday with European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis “and expressed strong support for the United States and Lithuania in the face of economic pressure from the People’s Republic of China (PRC),” the office said in a statement. Lithuania was angry with China for allowing a Taiwanese representative office to … Read more

0050 proposed dividend of 3.2 yuan, Silicon Power’s drop limit hits the second highest point of Taiwan stocks. Financial news must be watched today | Anue Ju Heng-Taiwan Stock News

Pay attention to the key news of Taiwan stocks before the market. Yuanta Taiwan 50 announced the dividend for the second half of 2021. It is estimated to be paid 3.2 yuan, a record high during the same period; Daily plummeted by 490 yuan, setting a record for the second-highest single-day drop of individual stocks. … Read more