China again holds maneuvers near Taiwan

The Chinese military said in a statement that all classes of weapons are involved in the sea and air maneuvers near Taiwan. Beijing believes that the visit of a delegation of five US lawmakers to Taiwan is a violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Taiwan and mainland China are governed separately since the Nationalist … Read more

After visiting the US 5 ships and 30 aircraft Beijing around Taiwan – World

BEIJING – The Taiwanese Defense Ministry, on the day of the announcement of “a joint patrol and combat mission” by the Chinese armed forces in response to the visit to Taipei by the US congressional delegation, noted at 5 pm local time (11 in Italy) 5 warships and 30 fighters, with 15 flying through the … Read more

Three times the White House had to intervene after Joe Biden’s Taiwan statement. Weren’t they roarers after all?

Several US politicians visit Taiwan. China reacts with anger and new military exercises. At the same time, experts believe that Joe Biden’s three promises to defend the island were not blunders. US President Joe Biden was in Japan in May when he made a surprisingly clear statement about Taiwan. He had then done it twice … Read more

Taiwan, China responds to the US after a congressional delegation’s visit to Taipei: “Firm measures in defense of our sovereignty”

China will take “firm and powerful measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity” in response to the mission to Taipei of the delegation of the US Congress led by the Democrat Ed Markey12 days after that made by the speaker of the Chamber Nancy Pelosi. This is the comment of Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang … Read more

DF-21 Missile Carrier Killer Specter for the US, China is Crazy Enough

loading… The DF-21D, a Chinese weapon dubbed the carrier-killing missile, is a scourge for the US Navy. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – Harry Kazianis, leading war strategist, describes the DF21-D and DF-26D . missiles China as a scourge for the Navy United States of America (USA) . The DF-21D has been dubbed the carrier-killing missile. Kazianis told … Read more

China outraged by second US visit to Taiwan, military exercises again

via Reuters NOS News•yesterday, 09:18•Amended yesterday, 14:49 The Chinese military says it has again conducted military exercises around Taiwan today in response to “political games” by the United States and Taiwan. The exercises follow a second visit in a short time by an American delegation to the island. Yesterday, five members of the US Congress … Read more

The delegation of the US Congress has arrived in Taiwan

During the visit, the two sides discussed “US-Taiwan relations, regional security, trade and investment, global supply chains, climate change and other issues of mutual interest,” the American Institute in Taiwan said. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hailed the visit as evidence of good US-Taiwan relations, proving that despite the tensions caused by China, “such friendship … Read more

Samsung’s 55-inch ultra-large curved gaming screen, the Odyssey Ark, arrives in Taiwan

Andy Yang / Engadget Chinese Samsung showcased at CES 55-inch ultra-large curved gaming monitor Odyssey Ark, and now it has really become a product launch. This is not only the largest curved gaming screen on the market, but it can also be used vertically, bringing a completely different user experience. Samsung calls it “cockpit mode”, … Read more

Maria Kądzielska: Pelosi’s swan song

Nancy Pelosi, being the third person in the country and publicly hugging the President of Taiwan, has broken this game of appearances, to which both Washington and Beijing do not quite know how to react. This is a violation of the status quo maintained over the past 25 years The California Democrat is the first … Read more

China is mobilizing on the border with Taiwan. “We are ready to fight”

Below is a transcript of the posted video Narrator: In response to the visit to Taiwan of US House of Representatives announcer Nancy Pelosi, the Chinese mobilized a military Cao Shaoqing, Pilot, Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Command Theater of Action: We are ready to fight at any time. We have the determination and ability … Read more