37 Chinese planes entered Taiwan’s air defense zone

Myśliwce. Photo. FRANCIS R. MALAYSIA PAP/EPA According to the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan, starting from At 5am on Thursday (Wednesday 23 PST), 37 Chinese Air Force aircraft, including J-11 and J-16 fighter jets and nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, were detected intruding into the southwestern sector of Taiwan’s Air Identification Zone ( ADIZ) . According to … Read more

Make an appointment to run! “Pokémon GO Plus” Taiwan’s suggested price is released

The wearable accessory “Pokémon GO Plus +” will be launched globally in Taiwan and Hong Kong on July 14th!Picture: Jasden/provided [Newtalk新聞] Agent Jesden announced that the wearable accessory “Pokémon GO Plus” launched by Pokémon Co., Ltd. will be launched in Taiwan and Hong Kong simultaneously on July 14! Today, the recommended selling price of the … Read more

Taiwan’s AUO shows off large Micro-LED displays, but commercial use is still a long way off

Read full version 20.04.2023 08:35, Ruslan Avdeev Micro-LED technology has a long way to go before it can compete with Mini-LED and OLED, but Taiwan-based AUO has more than 600 people working to improve and make it cheaper. Although existing prototypes leave a lot to be desired, the company intends to resolve the remaining issues … Read more

China’s first investigation into Taiwan’s trade barriers “cross-strait political and economic decoupling” new game? – BBC News Chinese

April 18, 2023 image source,Getty Images image captiontext, Scholars predict that if a cross-strait trade war breaks out, Taiwan’s agriculture will bear the brunt. After Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited the United States and the People’s Liberation Army conducted military exercises around Taiwan, the Chinese mainland raised the issue of Taiwan’s trade barriers through the … Read more

The environmental strategy game “The Land of the Beginning” has sold more than 300,000 copies. It cooperates with Taiwan’s live broadcaster and calls on players to do their best to green the environment. “Terra Nil”

Independent game publisher Devolver Digital said today (17th) that the environmental strategy game developed by Free Lives “the land of the beginning(Terra Nil)” was released to great acclaim and has sold over 300,000 copies. The official will invite Taiwanese TV host Wannasinging Pharaoh and senior Abby to join the ranks of “Tree Warriors”. The two … Read more

Taiwan’s RakutenGirls lala goddess came to Hong Kong to basket basket Yuri Feifei 8 Lotte girls IG click to read

Basket Yuri Feifei Yixuan Linda Huini Dai Ying Meng Jie|Have you heard of Lin Xiang and RakutenGirls? In recent years, Taiwan’s entertainment variety shows have greatly promoted the members of this Taiwanese professional baseball cheerleading team. They are sexy, funny, sweet, dancing and singing, and have good figures. A popular beauty came to Hong Kong … Read more

Taiwan’s foreign minister warns: China is preparing to start a war

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu condemned Beijing’s drills off the coast of Taiwan and warned that “it looks like they are trying to prepare for war against Taiwan,” according to CNN. “Look at the military exercises, as well as their rhetoric, it seems they are trying to prepare for … Read more

The date of China’s attack, according to US intelligence estimates.. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister comments to CNN

Atlanta, United States (CNN) — One day after China simulated “joint precision strikes” on Taiwan during military exercises across the island, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu condemned Beijing’s actions in an exclusive interview with CNN, and warned that they “It looks like they are trying to prepare for a war against Taiwan.” “Look at the … Read more

Yuanzhang Biotechnology Taiwan’s new combat capability against bird flu | Industry dynamics | Business conditions

<!– –> 2023-04-10 11:00 Economic Daily News Song Yijing Yuanzhang Biotechnology Chairman Cai Yiru (left) and his research partners started from the perspective of antiviral drugs and actively developed avian influenza drugs, which are expected to become a major force in Taiwan’s fight against avian influenza.Yuanzhang Biotechnology/Provided At present, humans lack effective vaccines and drugs … Read more

Yuanzhang Biotechnology Taiwan’s new combat capability against bird flu| Hot spotlight| Business conditions

<!– –> 2023-04-10 09:39 Economic Daily News Song Yijing At present, humans lack effective vaccines and drugs against avian influenza. This drove the international pharmaceutical companies Moderna and GlaxoSmithKline to urgently invest in the development of bird flu H5N1 vaccine. However, the virus mutates extremely quickly, and it remains to be seen whether a vaccine … Read more