Taliban Official’s Daughter Can Go to School, but Banned Other Afghan Girls

KABUL, KOMPAS.com – An office Taliban admits that his daughter can go to school, even though there is a prohibition for girls Afghanistan to get an education in that country. On Tuesday (10/5/2022), Piers Morgan interviewed Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen on the British tv show “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, and asked if his daughter was allowed … Read more

The Taliban Orders All Women To Cover Their Awra From Head To Toe!

Kabul – Taliban ordered all women in Afghanistan to cover their genitals from head to toe. They must wear the burka, if they violate they will be imprisoned. The order was contained in a decree passed by Afghanistan’s supreme leader, Hibatullah Akhundzada. The decree also stipulates that women should not leave the house except for … Read more

The Taliban say women in Afghanistan must dress publicly from head to toe: NPR

Afghan women are waiting to receive food rations from the Saudi humanitarian team in Kabul on April 25. Afghan Taliban rulers on Saturday ordered all Afghan women to wear head-to-head clothing in public places. Ibrahims Norouzi / AFP Hide signature Signature switch Ibrahims Norouzi / AFP Afghan women are waiting to receive food rations from … Read more

A short speech by the Taliban leader who suddenly appeared during Eid

Kabul – The supreme leader Taliban which now dominates AfghanistanHibatullah Akhundzada, surprisingly appeared in public during Hari Raya Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijri. This is the second appearance of Hibatullah in the last 6 years. Reported from AFP, Monday (2/5/2022), the supreme leader of the Taliban appeared during Eid celebrations in Afghanistan on Sunday (1/5) local … Read more

Afghanistan Celebrates Eid in Darkness, Bomb Cuts Power and Kills Dozens of People

KABULKOMPAS.com – Millions of people in 11 provinces in Afghanistan face blackout electricity on Saturday (30/4/2022), after two power transmission towers were detonated west of the capital Kabulsaid the authorities. Power outage happened before Hari Raya Eid Al-Fitr in Afghanistan which marks the end of the holy month Ramadhan. Read also: Ahead of Eid, Bombs … Read more

Again, the Aghanistan Mosque is Bombed After Friday Prayers, Corpses Everywhere

loading… Worshipers at the Khalifa Sahib Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan, mourn for their relatives who died in a bomb explosion after praying last Friday. Photo/REUTERS KABUL – A mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan , rocked by a powerful bomb explosion after Friday prayers. This attack left more than 50 worshipers dead. The bomb attack on the … Read more

Mosque Bombed during Friday Prayers, 33 People Died

loading… A mosque popular with Sufis in Kunduz, Afghanistan, was rocked by a bomb explosion during Friday prayers. A total of 33 people died. Photo/Illustration of SINDOnews.com KABUL – A bom exploded in a mosque in Afghanistan during Friday prayers. This attack left 33 people, including children, dead. The bomb attack took place just a … Read more

Bomb Explosion Kills 33 People in Afghanistan Mosque during Friday Prayers

Kabul – Bomb blast hits a mosque during Friday prayers in Afghanistan killed 33 people including children. The bomb blast came just a day after ISIS claimed two separate deadly attacks. As reported AFPSaturday (4/23/2022), since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last year, the number of bombings has decreased but jihadists and ISIS continue … Read more

Formerly Hobby Destroys Idols, Now The Taliban Take Care Of Buddha Statues For China

Acceptance – Formerly, Taliban the hobby of destroying statues because they are considered idols. Now they are desperately guarding Buddha statues in the interior of Afghanistan for the sake of China. What’s up? Taliban known for his hard understanding of Islam. They will not hesitate to destroy statues that are considered idols and have the … Read more